Every parent knows the act of juggling a job and the added responsibilities that come with children. While some manage to find help to get both jobs done, every parent knows that’s not easy or possible for everyone. Many mothers have to let go of their careers. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way; just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to forget your career ambitions. We consulted the experts for recommendations for flexible work-from-home jobs that are just perfect for stay-at-home parents.

1. Virtual Assistant

“One of the best work-from-home opportunities I’ve found is becoming a Virtual Assistant, either in business for yourself or working for an already-established VA company. This is exactly what I did when I found most businesses to be inflexible and unwilling to accommodate working moms. 

Starting your own Virtual Assistant business can be done quickly, doesn’t take a lot of money, and you can hand-pick the hours you work and the clients you work with. You also have the opportunity to make unlimited income as you can build the business as big as you want. It’s the perfect business for moms.

Working for an already-established Virtual Assistant company is a great option for moms who don’t want to worry about getting clients. While every company is different, most allow for super flexible hours and are very family-friendly. They usually pay an hourly rate and you can typically work as much or as little as you want.”

Amy Foley, Co-Founder Inbound Back Office

2. Online Teaching

“A great option for stay-at-home parents is to start teaching online. You can do this with or without a degree and typically earn $1000-$2000 monthly. If you work as an online ESL teacher, your hours are flexible and you usually start teaching in the early hours of the morning if you are from the United States. This means you get to stay at home while making a decent income from doing so.

“The type of company you choose will depend on your skills and talents. For example, there are many online ESL companies that you can teach for. This applies to native and non-native English speakers. You will typically require a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, which can be acquired at a cheap price. You can teach for more than one company to fill up your schedule and you can choose your own hours.

“The other option is to work for a company like Outschool, which allows you to teach any subject of your choice. This does not require a degree or teaching qualifications. Some teachers are said to make a killing (think six figures) on this site only working 10-20 hours weekly.”

Caitriona Maria is a private ESL teacher from TPR Teaching.

3. Blogging

“I was able to build a business from home, writing about what I’m passionate about and posting on my own blog. I come from a vet nursing background, and once my child was born, I had less time to go to work, so I was looking at something I could do from home. I found out about others in my situation who were making an amazing income from home with their niche websites, and decided that’s something that suited me perfectly.

Setting up a website may seem daunting at first, but there is so much help out there. A great place to start is the free guides people put out on YouTube. I was literally able to teach myself everything I know about setting up a website and writing about topics that will get picked up by search engines. 

Building a website on WordPress is very easy these days. I went from having no knowledge to having a fully functioning website in weeks. The next step is to learn keyword research, so you can start to write about topics that have less competition in the search engines. If you stay consistent and stick to a plan your website will grow and so will your income! 

“My advice to any mom who has time on her hands and wants to build a business from home, would be to start a blog about something you’re passionate about. It could be parenting, cooking, pets, or anything really! If you want to learn more about the business model, I would recommend three channels on Youtube where you can learn pretty much everything for free: Authority Hackers, WP Eagle and Doug Cunnington.

Lucie Wilkins, Kitty Cat Tree

4. Language Services

“Providing language services like translations, transcription, proofreading and subtitling is a great way for moms to make money. You can train for these jobs in a few weeks or months and sign up with localization agencies on a freelance basis. The work is flexible, interesting and pays well. If you’re good, this can even turn into a career in the language field in the future! Most of the freelance translators and transcribers we work with are women who work for 15-30 hours a week. 

Nikita Agarwal, Head of Growth Milestone Localization Company

5. Bookkeeping

“Becoming a bookkeeper is a really great option for stay-at-home moms. Bookkeeping provides everything a stay-at-home mom needs in a job. It pays well, it’s virtual, and it’s flexible around your schedule. As a bookkeeper, you can make your workload as light or heavy as you want by taking on fewer or more clients. You can also work during whatever hours of the day that suit you best. Is becoming a bookkeeper hard? Not at all! You don’t need a   degree or certifications; all you need is the skill. Learning bookkeeping won’t take you longer than a few months using books and free online resources like YouTube. 

“Then you can start your own bookkeeping business from your house. Finding clients is the hardest part of it all, but once you get the hang of it, you can make as much money as you want. Full-time or part-time work is possible as a bookkeeper because you get to choose how many clients you work with. Bookkeeping is an easy skill to learn, a profitable industry, and a flexible income stream for moms who want to work from home.”

Ray Whitman, Personal Finance Blogger for I am The Financial Feminist

6. Any Craft Businesses

“If you are a mom who’s good at crafting some high-quality items, it’s essential to try selling them through major distribution channels with a markup for the ‘handmade’ label. Etsy, eBay, Instagram, Facebook, and local fairs are all waiting for your fresh look at things. A good idea is to combine your field of expertise in crafting with something trendy. For example, iPhone cases are popular, so why not make cases with knitted covers on them?” (Dmytro Serheeiv)

7. Copywriting

“Everyone can type, right? If you can type at least a bit faster than others and know grammar on the intermediate or higher levels, you can quickly get a job in the copywriting niche. You can actually choose any topic that is exciting enough for you and write articles for websites and posts for bloggers for money. You need $0 to get this job and no particular education.”(Dmytro Serheeiv)

8. Home Bakery

“Your love to bake can be easily turned into a small bakery business. If you can come up with some receipts that cannot be found in the local coffee shops, these shops can become your first customers. Of course, you have to comply with a list of requirements to enter the niche, but the outcomes are worth it if you know your business.”  (Dmytro Serheeiv)

9. Online English Teacher

“The demand for native English-speaking teachers will never go low. You can sell your service without any special education. That’s right, just because you were born a native speaker! Registration on major platforms for teachers takes minutes, so you can start today.”

Dmytro Serheeiv, Tax Consultant at PDFliner

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