These days it isn’t necessary any longer to work a 9-5 desk job at the office. There are actually many creative ways you can set up a profitable business working from home. Some require some portion of your house set up as an office or workshop, whereas many require only a computer and an internet connection.

With the rise in home-based businesses, we asked the experts to share profitable ideas of earning without having to work regular office hours.

Teach Online Courses

“Do you have a skill that can be taught? Turn it into a thriving home-based business! You may teach an online class on almost anything, including how to do the splits in 30 days, content marketing, and debt relief. The attractions of passive income and time flexibility are the top benefits of developing an online course. You simply need to record and submit a class once, and you can earn money while sleeping. 

What You Need to Know to Get Started:

Determine the abilities you have that are profitable and those you are eager to teach. Before you start, perform some market research to make sure your product has a market. Learn about the best practices for online teaching as well.

Costs of Starting a Business:

The most expensive initial expenditure will be a hosting platform for your courses,  such as Teachable or Kajabi. Depending on the provider, prices range from $39 to $119. 


You can charge anywhere from $37 to $4,000 for an online course (if you have the audience and social proof).”

Daniel Foley, Founder of Daniel Foley SEO

Become a Freelance Writer on the Internet

“The vast majority of what you read on the internet was written by someone, and there’s a strong chance that person  was compensated generously for their efforts. A few hundred dollars for each post written by a freelance writer is not out of the question, but it is possible to earn significantly more money if you learn how to produce longer and more sophisticated content. Finding your first few writing projects is the most difficult element of earning money as a writer, though you can generally get started by using a website like Upwork to uncover opportunities.”

Matt Weidle, Business Development Manager Buyer’s Guide

Become a Virtual Assistant

“Virtual assistants support their clients with a wide range of activities, which might include responding to emails, preparing documents, developing basic graphics, and other chores as needed. A small number of virtual assistants also produce and edit content for their customers, and they may even aid them with scheduling content for publication across a variety of platforms. 

“While many virtual assistants charge $50 or more per hour, even the most inexperienced virtual assistants can easily charge $20 or less per hour. Generally speaking, you may get employment as a virtual assistant on platforms such as Upwork and Zirtual, among others.”

Jake Smith, Managing Director Absolute Reg 

Start a Blog

“Blogging isn’t the quickest way to make money online, but when done correctly, it can be a great source of passive income. Utilize your audience to sell various items and services once you’ve built up a devoted and engaged readership. It’s the strategy that helped me establish myself as a major voice in digital marketing and expand my online agency.

What You Need to Know to Get Started:

A domain name, hosting package, and WordPress theme are the first three items you’ll need. Next, choose your blog’s niche—Google favors niche material, and it’s typically the best approach to establish yourself as an authority figure. Then it’s just a matter of generating amazing material regularly, selecting the correct keywords, and leveraging social media to expand your viewership.

Costs of Starting a Business:

A computer, a solid internet connection, a domain name, and hosting are all required.


Pay varies greatly amongst bloggers and is determined by how you’ve set up your site to make money. Advertisements, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts are all examples of ways to make money from your website. Many bloggers make between $500 and $2,000 per month in their first year when they really get rolling.”

Michelle Mayers, CEO of Best Cat

Freelance Graphic Designer

“Are you sick of working on graphic design projects that make you cry? Put your abilities to use as a freelancer. While graphic design is a competitive field, it is possible to earn a full-time salary if you have a solid portfolio, enthusiastic references, and a specialty that sets you apart from the competition.

What You Need to Know to Get Started:

You can enroll in online classes if you don’t already have graphic design skills. You may assist create designs for flyers, newsletters, infographics, advertising, icons, logos, and more once you’re qualified.

Costs of Starting a Business:

Graphic design classes are often required, and certificates are preferred.


In the United States, a graphic designer with medium experience can earn between $45,000 and $55,000. How much you can charge your clients depends on your skillset, experience, and amount of responsibility.”

Vanessa Dyer, CEO and Founder of The Magickal Cat

Airbnb Hosting

“One of the finest methods to make money from home is to use Airbnb. You can rent out a single room in your home or the entire property. The experience is the key to a successful Airbnb listing. To encourage people to book, upload high-quality photos, and include perks such as free Wi-Fi. You have a better chance of being on the first page of search results if you have more five-star reviews.

What You Need to Know to Get Started:

Create an Airbnb Host account and add your listing to it. You can begin receiving bookings for your listing after it has been authorized.

Costs of Starting a Business:

All you’ll need is a computer or smartphone, as well as a location to list.


On average, frequent Airbnb hosts earn more than $924 every month. This is more than three times the average for other gig economy workers.”

Naomi Bishop, Chief Insurance Officer Surfky

Making Jewelry

“With the emergence of sites like Etsy, finding clients and starting to sell your handcrafted jewelry has never been easier. This is a low-cost work-from-home business idea that doesn’t necessitate any crafting abilities. It is possible to outsource jewelry manufacture or make handcrafted jewelry without specialized expertise or equipment.

What You Need to Know to Get Started:

Decide if you want to make fine or fashion jewelry as your initial step. Each choice has its own price, skill level, and target market. Next, conduct market research to confirm your business concept and guarantee you’re producing items that people want to buy. Finally, for your crafts, make a website or a profile on a site like Etsy.

Costs of Starting a Business:

The materials used to make the parts are the most expensive. Learning product photography is a fantastic investment because photographs can make or destroy your online company.


Your jewelry business’s price point is determined by your target market, skill level, and materials. You can charge anything from $25 to $100 or more per item.”

Jeff Cooper, Manager at Messagely 


“There are many businesses that can be started and carried out from home. Some ideas will have a higher barrier to entry than others, but all can be started from your own home. Starting an e-commerce business using a platform such as Amazon FBA or Shopify allows someone to dropship products they source, or sell a private label brand they’ve developed. Another option is to sell custom or handmade items on Etsy by setting up an Etsy store on their platform. 

“If you already have a particular skill that can be monetized, it’s possible to create a course to teach that skill, or to offer consulting services through a website. Freelancing is always an option too. Those who do graphic design or coding, for example, can find work online through freelancing websites such as Fiverr or Upwork. 

“Finally, buying an existing online business that is already established can be a way to run a business remotely or from home. There are established content-based, affiliate marketing and e-commerce businesses all for sale online. There are undoubtedly other methods and ways to start a business that can be operated remotely or from home. However, these are the most accessible for many people.”

Martin Kelly, Founder and Editor of Actively Outdoor

Making Gift Baskets is a Lucrative Business

“Gift baskets can be customized for any occasion, including business events, baby showers, holidays, and birthdays. To buy gifts and put them into baskets, beautiful tins, boxes, or bags, gift basket entrepreneurs need a creative flair and design ability. The gift basket industry relies heavily on attractive packaging. You can’t just toss some things together and tie a bow around it. Take images of your gift baskets to market them. Make a brochure that lists the contents of each basket as well as the pricing. 

“Your baskets can be sold online, to corporations, via mail order, and in local shops. Merchandise with university and sports team logos has a vast and untapped market. To construct gift baskets with products bearing the university’s brand, you must first obtain permission from the licensing department.”

Ken Olling, Co-Founder and Chairman of MELD

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