About Us

I am Millard Davis, the Editor-In-Chief of KRDO TV, and I want to tell you who we are and how we can help you.

At KRDO TV, we understand that what’s outside is just as important as what’s inside it, especially if you’re acquiring something as an investment. That’s why we go beyond the standard service by providing ideas from professionals in an understandable way. We believe this gives people a deeper understanding of how businesses and investitures are like. We’re devoted to assisting our readers to discover investments they feel more connected to.

KRDO TV aims to provide quality content for our readers – to equip them with the best financial guidance and information, enabling them to make the right choices. It’s why we aim to help build a more positively business-minded world every day.

Our team of expert financial writers is here to deliver you the best personal finance, business news, tips, and tools. We will explain all the financial data you need to know about in an appealing, entertaining, and understandable fashion. 

Mission and Vision

We aspire to make KRDO TV the best place to find out fundamental knowledge on personal finance, purchaser issues, small companies, and also learn the latest on markets and commerce.

We want to make money-making interesting, appealing – and as rewarding as it can be. We hope with our articles, you make the best decisions that help you save and make money both at the same time.