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We’re inviting you to join our content team.

KRDO TV is a go-to place for all the latest, most interesting news in the wide world of business. We have a highly proactive editorial team who’s always on the lookout for the hottest issues that affect the lives of millions. Best of all, we’re an ever-growing business blog that’s constantly searching and attracting some of the most brilliant minds on the web.

We recognize the value of web content writers who can make a difference when given the right opportunity. Having said that, we invite you to show us what you’ve got and write for us. To get started, please send us links or files of your past articles about the business sector, your professional profile, and a couple of topic pitches at [email protected]

After receiving and reviewing your work, our team will put on their editorial hats and determine if it passes the standards of our organization. Once it gets the stamp of approval of our editor-in-chief, your article will then be featured on KRDO TV’s homepage, as well as our social media platforms.

Also, we’d be really glad if you make the most of our existing content and use them as internal links—this is on top of utilizing outbound links when citing sources for statistics. Be sure to review our editorial guidelines to know more about our procedure.

The Varieties of Articles We Cover on KRDO TV

Here on KRDO TV, we pride ourselves in providing up-to-date business news and features. We also regularly welcome your contributions to the fold. Go over the kinds of articles we publish on our site and see if any fits your style:

  • How-to Guides — or articles that highlight simple and practical solutions to everyday problems.
  • In-depth Articles — or long and technical written pieces that increase our readers’ awareness about some of the most persistent matters in the business sector.
  • Opinion Pieces — or personal reflections of authors who are particularly passionate about certain dynamics in the industry.
  • Product Reviews — or helpful guides that underline some of the most impressive, most innovative, and most interesting concepts in business.

The Main Categories of Our Business Blog

Day in and day out, KRDO TV puts a spotlight on various business topics. Some of these even include:

  • Real Estate — important tidbits about the buying and selling of properties for personal or business use.
  • Marketing — eye-opening advancements in various competitive fields in the sector.
  • Technology — remarkable ideas that change the landscape of the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Submit My Article?

If and/or when you have a topic in mind, you can reach out to us via [email protected] and use the subject “KRDO Writer-(your complete name).”

Make sure to have the following ready:

  • Your article’s title (must be 50 to 60 characters)
  • Your 1000-word or more content with optimized images and/or videos
  • Your writer bio with your most recent picture
  • Your list of internal and outbound links

Does Your Website Accept Guest Posting Opportunities from Other Companies?

Short answer: yes. We welcome collaborations here on KRDO TV, so please message us at the same email address, this time using the subject “KRDO Guest Post-(your company name).”

How Long Does It Take For You to Publish Our Content?

Our process is fairly simple: you pass the initial screening, submit your article, and have it approved by our editorial team. We’ll then send you an email about the possible date of publication.

KRDO TV’s digital doors are always open for you if you want to write for us. So feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected]

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