Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Our Team

Senior Vice President & Editor In Chief

Millard Davis

Along with leading the team, Millard also works alongside different Fortune500 companies as their management Consultant/Financial Analyst, which shows his passion in helping other businesses grow.

Managing Editor, National Digital News

Linda Bradley

Formerly a senior accountant with a business degree, Linda now manages to generate story ideas; planning, assigning, and editing content for our website.

Assistant Managing Editor, Trends & Enterprise

Kenneth Holmes

Linda’s right hand, Kenneth has been working with Linda for years, helping in planning, managing, and editing projects.

Senior PM Editor

Maynard Law

Maynard, our Senior Project Manager spearheads our project team and leads through planning, organizing, and controlling our projects from the ground up.


Danielle Slocum

On the field most of the time, Danielle is the team’s supergirl- getting all the latest business and financial news, as they happen.