It takes a lot of effort to organize the pantry. To go through all of the canned goods, cereal boxes, snack pouches, and assorted baking items that have stacked up, you’ll need patience and a sharp eye. Then, after everything is in order, you’ll need the help of the entire family to maintain your pantry neat.

But first, you’ll need a strategy, which is where we can help. Here are easy steps to organizing your pantry, along with our recommended goods to get you started.

Begin with a blank slate.

Before you begin the organizing process, empty and thoroughly clean your pantry. Examine expiry dates and discard everything that has passed its expiration date or is no longer in use. This will free up space in your pantry and make it easier to keep items organized.


Cooking oils should be kept together, nut butters should be kept together, spices should be kept together, and pasta should be kept together. But don’t stop there: there are two additional methods to split your goods to get the most value for money. First, think about how often you use it. Place the spices you use the most in a convenient location, for example. Second, consider your daily activities and create separate storage locations for them. A coffee station, a breakfast goods shelf, a school lunch area, and an exercise fuels bin are some examples (stocked with energy bars and sports drinks).

Make More Space

Look for items that could be transferred elsewhere if your pantry is overstuffed and you know it would be tough to fit everything back inside. Snacks, coffee, and tea are excellent candidates for relocating to a different cabinet. Also, if you’re storing pots and pans in the pantry, take them out.

Containers and Shelves Should Be Labeled

We’ve heard several service stories touting the benefits of labeling pantry jars. But we believe that indicating the contents of a jar is more significant (after all, who needs a label to inform you that pasta is in the glass jar when it’s plain to see?) is a symbol that represents a purchase or an expiration date.

Take time to enjoy the effects once you’ve sorted your pantry. In fact, you can bask in the afterglow for months. But keep in mind that it won’t endure indefinitely. The key to maintaining an orderly pantry is to examine its contents a few times a year. It’s time to get rid of the old components. Dust and minor spills must be cleaned up. It’s time to tinker with the systems. Because of these quarterly inspections, you may never have to fully redo your pantry again.

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