New Zealand is an island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It has two main landmasses that include the South Island and North Island. The country has a highly developed free economy that allows businesses to tap numerous opportunities. 

But, the business landscape has changed over the years and today’s customer expects a personalised experience from the brands they follow. Strategic pricing and promotions are not as effective as earlier, so it is wise to offer a personalised branding experience to your customers with products from places like Custom Gear NZ

Here are some promotional items that can be used to render a personalised branding experience 

Reusable Essential Items

New Zealand has a population of 4,860,915 as per the latest data. Protective masks are the need of the day to protect you and meet health regulations compliance. The use of masks promotes the general health and safety of your customers. 

Companies can order protective masks made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex layers for the wearer’s comfort. Choose masks with customised print designs and colours for effective promotion. 

Companies can also imprint their logo on one of the front sides of the protective masks to make their brand look prominent.  The unique design and pattern of the mask will make the user stand out in the crowd, and every passer-by will notice the branding on the mask. 


New Zealand has a healthy male to female ratio. According to the latest data, there are around 2,388,048 males, which account for 49.1% of the total population, while the total number of females is around 2,472,867, accounting for 50.9% of the total population. 

Clothing can be a great promotional item for both sexes. You can consider stylish shirts for your customers with your company’s logo printed in the chest region. Also, you may opt for a printed or an embroidered logo for branding purposes. 

Customers like such branded clothing as they can wear it throughout the year. You can offer clothing in different sizes and allow customers to pick the right one. 

Protein Shaker 

If your company offers health-related products or medicines, you can consider giving branded protein shakers to customers and prospects. A protein shaker is used to mix protein powder with water and prevent lumps. Custom gear in NZ offers them in different shapes, sizes, and colours.  

You can choose custom colours for protein shakers that relate to your brand. Also, you can imprint your company logo on the protein shaker that will remind the user of your brand. 

Laptop Backpacks

New Zealand is home to around 557,680 enterprises. Promotional laptop backpacks can be a great promotional tool for your business. 

A laptop backpack is great for transporting laptops or other technology products. You can directly print your company’s logo on the fabric and offer an eye-catching design to attract attention.

The laptop backpacks can be a good gift/promotional item for workers who are always on the move and need to carry their tools wherever they go. It is a valuable item for different job types and numbers of businesses. 

To sum up, these are few ways to offer a personalized branding experience to your customers with promotional gear in NZ.

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