This three day course assumes the student has a very basic understanding of PLCs and will introduce students to the Step 7 software package, used to program and maintain the S7-300/400 PLC systems. The class focuses on maintaining & troubleshooting the S7 PLC using Step 7.

Course Length & Time: Three days. 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


  • S7 Family Hardware Overview
  • S7 Hardware Installation & Maintenance
  • Remote I/O Installation & Maintenance
  • Using Simatic Manager
  • Editing/Adding Symbols to a Project
  • Viewing the S7 PLCs Integrated Web Server
  • Overview of PROFIBUS & PROFINET Networks
  • Using a Variable Table for Troubleshooting
  • Overview of S7 Addressing
  • Why Various Programming Methods Are Used (Linear, Partitioned, Structured)
  • Basics of Organization Blocks
  • Basics of Functions (FC) & Function Blocks (FB)
  • Basics of Data Blocks
  • Monitoring PLC Program Blocks
  • Overview of Basic Instruction Set (Contacts, Coils, Timers, Counters)
  • Overview of IEC Functions & Function Blocks
  • What Are Libraries Used For
  • Rewiring a User Program
  • Comparing Programs
  • Using Cross Reference, Usage Table & Program Structure Tools
  • Troubleshooting a S7 PLC Using LEDs
  • Troubleshooting a S7 PLC Using Step 7
  • Troubleshooting a S7 PLC Using the Integrated Web Server
  • How to Force a Value
  • Documenting, Saving & Archiving Projects

Prerequisite: Basic Understanding of PLCs

PCC provides technical educational training and events via a structured classroom setting at our local WI training facilities or on-site at your facility. This training is conducted by PCC’s staff of technical engineers or Siemens Certified Trainers and covers all aspects of automation and control. We have training facilities in Eau Claire, Appleton and Germantown, Wisconsin.  PCC offers custom educational training in addition to our regularly scheduled courses as well as educational Free TechEd seminars and workshops.


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