Grapeapplesauce is the online alias of American YouTube celebrity Sean, who is best known as one of the most popular Minecraft commentators and regularly uploads Minecraft videos on a variety of game modes, including Minecraft Skywars, Minecraft Murder Mystery, Minecraft Bed Wars, Minecraft Hunger Games, and Minecraft UHC. He is a member of the UHC and Cube SMP Rosters and the proprietor of the CoveMC server. Additionally, he belongs to the Cube Vanilla SMP server. Team Flux was once comprised of Grapeapplesauce, Huahwi, CreeperFarts, PrivateFearless, and Solraflare and was managed by Dfield. Together with his Team Flux partner PrivateFearless, he competed in the ‘Hunger Games Tournament’ as part of team ‘Doy Doy,’ which won all three Survival Games rounds and the tournament. He also won three Cube UHC seasons, including 7, 13, and 14. While he predominantly uploads Minecraft videos to his YouTube account, he also plays and streams other games on his Twitch channel. He occasionally updates his fans on his channel or life via vlogs.

Rise To Stardom

Grapeapplesauce signed up for a channel on YouTube on July 6, 2011, and on August 28, 2012, they began publishing episodes of the series “Minecraft Hardcore Survival.” Slender: The Eight Pages, a first-person survival horror video game, was the second game that he tried out at first. Before he turned 18, he had already amassed a following of 1100 subscribers, all of whom he thanked in a video blog post. 2013 was the year when he first began to receive regular subscribers.

He also used to work at Dish TV as a sales representative for satellite dish subscriptions; however, due to the hectic nature of his work schedule, he was unable to upload new videos to his channel on a consistent basis. As a result, on January 19, 2015, he made the decision to leave his job in order to become a full-time YouTuber. He had attracted 300 thousand subscribers by the time the year came to a close. His audience had constantly requested a room tour and setup video, which he ultimately provided on January 2, 2016. Since that time, he has been fulfilling the dream of paying his expenses by playing video games, and his YouTube channel now has over 551 thousand followers. In addition to that, he has introduced a range of stuff with a ‘Grapeapplesauce’ motif, which includes articles of apparel.

Gaming History

Grapeapplesauce used to play on the Hive server but then migrated to the Minecraft Survival Games server. However, once the number of hackers on the MCSG server increased, Grapeapplesauce decided to return to playing on the Hive server. Since the second season, he has competed in Cube Ultra Hardcore (also known as Cube UHC or Minecraft: Ultra Hardcore) and has emerged victorious in all three of those seasons. He has only missed the first season of the show; nonetheless, he was invited to compete in that season; however, he overslept and lost out on the opportunity.

He has the record for the most kills in PvP, with 47, and he also has the record for the most unlucky and glitchy deaths. He is an amazing player in PvP. He is one of just three UHC members to have won two seasons in a row, and one of only four members to have won the most seasons overall with three victories (four, if YouTuber UHC wins are counted). Since the end of the year 2012, he has been the Cube member that has participated in Survival Games for the longest amount of time. Additionally, he competed in the first season of United UHC, where he ended in sixth place.

Personal Life

Sean, better known by his stage name Grapeapplesauce, was born on December 8, 1994, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but he spent much of his childhood in Alaska. He was the first chair cellist in his state throughout the entirety of his eight-year cello career, which included his time spent studying and playing in high school. His father has been seen in several of his more recent videos, where he introduces himself as “Grapeapplepops” and discusses how he and his son enjoy playing Minecraft together. Longboarding and photography are two more hobbies that he likes. He is the proud owner of two kitties.


Grapeapplesauce was involved in a long-distance relationship with a woman called Danielle, who went by the nickname “BustyUnicorns” on Twitter. Grapeapplesauce and Danielle first connected online. On November 27, 2014, he sent out a tweet in which he thanked his family, friends, fans, and girlfriend for their support and acknowledged that the two of them were dating. Since then, the two have shared several times on Twitter the public declarations of love they share for one another. In March of 2015, they also received congratulations from family, friends, and admirers on the occasion of their anniversary. However, during the same month, people began noting that they avoided chatting about each other on Twitter, which led to reports that the couple had split up.

Later on, while she was responding to inquiries from fans, she stated that the reason they broke up was that he wanted different things. She eventually stopped using the identity “BustyUnicorns” in order to protect herself from hateful remarks, and she became known by the nickname “LilBub.” According to Danielle, Grapeapplesauce dated an Australian YouTube gamer and fellow member of Cube, Bee (‘HeyImBee‘), for a short period of time in the past, but she apparently broke up with him in favor of ‘Bayani,’ another YouTuber who focuses on the game Minecraft.

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