Lia is a social media celebrity who is most known for her appearance on the joint YouTube channel ‘SevenPerfectAngels.’ She joined ‘SevenPerfectAngels’ in November 2013, when she made her debut on the channel with the video ‘Introducing Lia.’ Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel titled ‘Lia Tuesday Angel’ Currently, her YouTube channel has over 29,000 followers and over 586,00 views across all of its videos. Additionally, Lia is a well-known Instagram personality. On the photo and video-sharing platform, she has over 92,000 followers. She frequently publishes images and videos of her family members on Instagram.

Early Life & Career

  • On May 13th, 2004, Lia was born in the country that is now known as the United States of America. Her parents got her started on YouTube at a relatively young age, which ultimately resulted in the formation of her channel known as ‘Lia Tuesday Angel‘ on YouTube.
  • After a couple of months had passed, her friend and fellow YouTuber, Jaidyn Lynzee, was the one who first pointed her in the direction of the collaborative YouTube channel known as “SevenPerfectAngels.” In November 2013, Lia became a member of the group known as ‘SevenPerfectAngels.’ At that time, she made her first appearance on the channel with a video named ‘Introducing Lia.’
  • After that, she went on to make more appearances in videos uploaded to the channel. ‘Lia’s up to no good at School’ is the title of several of her popular films that can be seen on the website ‘SevenPerfectAngels.’ “OMG – Lia is so Jealous,” someone said. “Lia’s First Date to the School Dance,” is the title of this article. “The Day That Lia Turned Into a Barbie,” Both “Lia Has a Boyfriend” and “My School Yearbook Photo is an Unlucky FAIL!” are headlines that were just published.
  • All of the videos that were just described have amassed more than a million views, with the first video alone amassing more than 25 million views! Lia went on to become one of the most influential contributors to ‘SevenPerfectAngels,’ both in terms of the number of views and subscriptions she brought in thanks to her endearing demeanor.
  • One of the most popular kid-friendly YouTube channels in the United States is called ‘SevenPerfectAngels,’ and it has more than 2.9 million subscribers and over 1,207 million views.
  • Her departure from ‘SevenPerfectAngels’ was announced in a video titled ‘Goodbye Lia’ that was published on the SevenPerfectAngels YouTube channel on October 17, 2017, marking the end of her time with the group. Lia made the decision to leave the collaborative channel after participating in it for a total of four years in order to place a greater emphasis on her solo career as a YouTube creator.
  • On her own YouTube channel, which has more than 29,000 followers and over 586,000 views, Lia now makes frequent appearances. Her videos titled “Seven Twinkling Tweens Lia’s Audition,” “Jelly Beans,” “Gift Swap with Ashlynn,” and “The Unexpected Burglar” are among the ones that have received the greatest number of views on her channel.
  • Lia is also a big celebrity on Instagram, where she has amassed a following of more than 92,000. On her Instagram feed, she shares entertaining films and images that she has taken of herself and members of her family. On her Instagram account, she also showcases the work of a few of her close pals.

Personal Life

  • Lia has a strong bond with her relatives and devotes a significant portion of her time to hanging out with her sister Ella and her brother Eli. In addition to being a popular figure on social media, her sister is also a contributor to a group YouTube channel known as “SevenSuperGirls.”
  • Additionally, Lia has a strong relationship with her mother Sasha, as seen by the number of times she has included her mother in her Instagram postings.
  • Lia is good friends with a large number of YouTube stars, all of whom are contributors to the channel known as “SevenPerfectAngels.” She has also made cameo appearances in videos uploaded to YouTube by other online superstars, which has contributed to the rise in her profile over the years.

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