Many people think it is impossible to invest in real estate with a limited budget. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. The real estate market offers many investment opportunities. It is possible to succeed in the real estate business even with a budget of five thousand dollars. 

If you’re looking to invest in real estate or buy a house, it’s crucial to understand the key considerations when applying for a home loan.

1. FHA Loan House Hacking

A federally-assisted loan program, such as the FHA, USDA, or VA, is the best way to invest 5k in real estate. There are different requirements and assistance for different programs. These loan programs don’t focus on investors’ money but rather on their credit score. With little to no down payment, you can buy an investment property.

2. REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

REITs are another excellent option for investing 5k in real estate. Investment properties are owned, managed, and bought by REITs. Commercial real estate is their main focus, such as shopping malls and senior housing. However, they also buy residential properties, including multi-family homes. An investor contributes little money and does not need to manage or take responsibility for the investment. As such, REITs are a passive investment strategy that allows investors to make good returns on their investments.

3. Partnerships in Real Estate

Achieving real estate investment success with a small budget is not easy on your own. You can purchase an investment property by pooling your resources with other investors. Terms of the purchase must be agreed upon by the real estate investors. It is possible that one investor will finance 20% of the purchase, while another may contribute $5000 and take responsibility for leasing or managing the property. It doesn’t matter how much money investors have saved; real estate partnerships offer them many opportunities.

4. Crowdfunding

In addition to real estate partnerships, investors should also consider real estate crowdfunding. Commercial real estate crowdfunding differs from residential rental property crowdfunding in that it focuses on commercial properties. Online Crowdfunding platforms like PeerStreet and Crowdstreet enable investors and developers to connect. Similar to REITs, the majority of crowdfunding investments are passive, hands-off real estate investments. Management duties and profit distribution are handled by the investment sponsor. The opportunity to invest in real estate through crowdfunding appeals to investors looking to find out how to invest 5k in the market.

5. Lease with Option-to-Buy

As a final benefit, purchasing an investment property with an option to buy is also possible for real estate investors with less money. Using this method, investors rent out properties and eventually purchase them from landlords. As well as offering a method for investing $5k in real estate, this provides a chance for new investors to learn the ins and outs of managing and renting out property.

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