What classifies as workplace bullying can range from subtle remarks to blatant hostility. There is a whole spectrum of faint teasing, being ostracised and isolated, and more severe cases of harassment or discrimination. None of these actions are acceptable, and there are methods you can use to prevent them from continuing.

Understand Your Rights

Employment lawyers such as the legal firm HKM Employment Attorneys can offer you legal advice when it comes to workplace bullying between an employer and employee. These lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive fair and just treatment in the workplace. They can help in a number of departments including breaches of contracts, discrimination matters, and unpaid wages.

Remain Knowledgeable 

In a similar vein to hiring a legal professional, getting to grips with contractual paperwork yourself is also of the utmost importance when understanding your rights. Learning what counts as a breach of contract may open your eyes to other ways that you have been mistreated within your company. Furthering your knowledge on the policies in place at your workplace is also essential for that specific research that is more relevant to your situation. 

Gather Your Evidence

If you are being mistreated through online modes of communication, it is a helpful ideal to gather this evidence as proof. Your company may be reluctant to take your case any further without this type of evidence, as it could reflect badly on both the company and the employees that they are hiring (if being bullied by another employee). This may be essential if you are to take your case to the legal level too, as professionals will be able to help a lot more with the solid facts and evidence in front of their eyes rather than verbal promises.

Do Not Blame Yourself

Oftentimes, bullies will make the victim feel like they are either overreacting, embarrassed, or as if they have brought this treatment on themselves. The bully is always the one at fault, and this treatment is never acceptable. Understanding that you are the victim in the situation and getting past the mental barrier of denial or shrugging it off due to embarrassment is the first step to rectifying the situation. From there, you can take the necessary steps to finding justice. 

Start a Conversation With Those With Power

Any professional, reputable company has members of staff who are designed to handle all matters pertaining to the employee’s welfare. If you feel that your situation could be resolved within the company itself and without the help of legal advice, bringing the matter up with Human Resources may be the road you need to go down. It is within their list of responsibilities to mediate between employees and look out for the health and safety of said employees.

Contemplate a Fresh Start

Sometimes, too much damage has been done. While matters may be resolved, perhaps you feel that this company is not where you feel comfortable at anymore. Starting afresh may be exactly what you need; a new environment that does not have any lingering toxicity between employees or your employer. 

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