If your heart is longing for Jesus, and making him a part of your everyday routine is important for you, then you’re in for a treat because there are Christian streaming services with films that are godly and inspiring. The passages of God’s love letter to you come to life and are reenacted by his appointed actors and actresses. 


When you read The Word of God, you instantly feel drawn to The message of His plan. When you watch films that depict the stories you read in the scripture it strikes a chord in your heart. You may laugh through some scenes, but you are also sure to cry; both tears of sorrow and hope. God loves you so much and Christian movies are His gift to you and your family.

Free of Inappropriate or Profanity

Unless the films are referencing occasions in which The Lord’s name was used in vain, there is no cursing or vulgar language in these movies so you and your family can be separated from those things. Content in mainstream media is entrenched in sin, and finding platforms that are free of this are hard to come by. 

Good for Those Who Cannot Read

Whether the movie is for a child who cannot read yet, or those struggling with a disability, Christian movies are a great visual/audial medium to understand The Bible and Jesus. With Christian streaming platforms, God’s Word is easier to access and understand.  

Good for Theologians, Scientists, Artists, Linguists, or Historians

Regardless of your religious affiliation, The Bible and its history are fascinating. The passages are beautiful, mysterious, and inspiring. People’s renditions may inspire you to produce your own film that conveys Jesus’ teachings in another light. You could be fascinated with unraveling scripture that can potentially be misconstrued. Believer or an atheist, the creation of our Universe and creation is epic and menacing. Are you a truth-seeker in pursuit of God or life’s big questions? This is Him calling you so that you could experience Him.

Stories in The Bible Portrayed in Film Include but are Not Limited to:

1. Noah’s Ark and The Flood

2. Genesis/The Story of Adam and Eve/The Fall of Man

3. The Book of Revelation and The End Times

4. Job

5. The Story of Moses

6. The Story of Cane and Abel

7. Daniel in The Lions’ Den

8. The Tower of Babel

9. The Raising of Lazarus

10. The Crucifixion and Resurrection

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Christopher McDaniel
Christopher McDaniel earned his BFA, in 1983, from Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 1992 Chris has been producing “Time in the Word”, a flagship television program of ReJOYce IN JESUS Ministry. He consults with ministries nationwide on building & training their own TV/video production teams. He currently is working to help Hosanna Broadcasting Network.


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