There’s this common belief that in order to make money, you have to spend money. For you, a business owner who’s looking to take your company to the next level, there comes a point in time when you have to ramp up your operations drastically. Often, this means utilizing the services of people outside your circle.

It’s safe to say that we live in a fast-paced digital world, where a lot of important tasks can be automated or—at the very least—outsourced to more experienced professionals. This concept certainly applies to organizations that require the help of digital marketing agencies.

According to Anna Moss, the Director and Co-Founder of digital marketing firm, FireCask, it’s important to acquire the services of specialists to ensure that your business gets the best exposure it possibly can. She adds that regardless of the industry you’re in, digital marketing can help you reach and engage with a new audience, as well as keep current clients and customers up to date.

Now that we’ve established the need to hire digital marketing agencies to achieve business goals, let’s dive deeper and further understand its importance and the qualities to look for in one. For that, we’ve interviewed our friend, Bruce Hogan, who’s the CEO of SoftwarePundit.

Based on our discussion with Mr. Hogan, he pointed out two distinct reasons for hiring a digital marketing agency. The first is to augment his organization’s knowledge and expertise in a specific marketing domain, the second is to outsource a non-core marketing function that’s cheaper and more efficient to manage outside the organization.

In the first instance, his company prioritized an investment in search engine optimization (SEO) but lacked in-house experience in this area. They determined that it would be faster, more impactful, and less risky to start by hiring an agency, rather than a full-time employee.

This approach was successful, as they were able to quickly interview a number of firms, then found the one best aligned with their specific goals and hired experts to guide their SEO strategy. Over the long-term, their internal team became highly knowledgeable about SEO and now manages it in-house.

What Can a Small Business Marketing Agency Do for Your Brand?

Hogan points out that there are numerous types of marketing agencies that can help almost any marketing task. At his companies, for instance, this has ranged from setting a strategy & corresponding roadmap, to the day-to-day management of specific marketing channels.

Agencies are also great at building analytics dashboards to help with performance management. The most important thing is to determine what the organization needs and find an agency that specializes in that specific area.

Bruce Hogan’s Tips for Hiring an Online Marketing Agency

To properly evaluate different agencies, it’s critical that you know which types of digital marketing you want to invest in. Most agencies provide a wide range of services, but they tend to excel in one or two areas. It’s best to determine the marketing channels and programs you want to invest in, and then find agencies that are exceptional at those.

When onboarding a digital agency, it’s critical that you have a plan to manage the relationship. Most agencies are trustworthy businesses that work hard to add value for their clients, but there are some that don’t follow through with promises made during the sales process.

To properly monitor the agency, it’s best to establish a roadmap for deliverables that includes the dates work product will be delivered and how success will be measured. Having this mutually agreed upon roadmap will align expectations and provide a benchmark for how much value the agency is adding to your business.

To Conclude

As stated by the Founder of Dotcom Dollar, Allan Borch, considering that the competition in various niches is getting stronger and stronger, it’s a must for companies to ask for the help of digital marketing agencies. This is worsened by the fact that your target market is now turning into the virtual world due to the effect of the ongoing global pandemic that restricts everyone from visiting physical stores.

He adds that by availing the service of such agencies, a company would be able to reach a vast audience in a more cost-effective and—ultimately—a more efficient manner. Marketing agencies are also equipped in conducting tests to help you further improve the product or service you’re offering. This, of course, translates to better revenue for your business over time.

At the end of it all, digital marketing agencies don’t just help you interact with your targets, they also determine what exactly they’re looking for. This would help you develop a better product that you can offer in the market.

What do you think are the other advantages of having digital marketing agencies? Tell us more in the comments and please remember to check back here on KRDO TV for more business, technology, and marketing features.

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