Sales and marketing go together like peas and carrots, coffee and cream, steak and potatoes, so on and so forth. Most likely, the level of energy you spend on your business’ marketing efforts will practically determine your numbers, the success of your business in every sense of the word.

On paper, the basic principles of marketing are to reach and engage with your target audience to generate and increase sales. However, going from point A to point B tells a different story.

More often than not, small organizations struggle to achieve this. Thankfully, this article aims to help you—the struggling business owner—to drive sales through effective marketing strategies.

For that, we’ve talked to experts from different fields to break down practical tips on how to significantly skyrocket your company’s numbers. Below are their thoughts:

Prioritize (Automate) Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to grow your sales, especially if you automate them with a smart sales sequence. You send the first emails to your readers to establish a connection with them, providing valuable information.

The reader will trust you and relate to your story, ending up buying a product or service from you. Email marketing is the most powerful marketing tool, and you should be collecting those emails from your readers.

– Hugo Guerreiro, Founder, Blog Biz Audit

Go Where Your Target Audience Is

A great marketing tip to help skyrocket sales is to go to where your audience is. Your audience, as a whole, may prefer to be on social media instead of their emails, so you may gain more custom if your marketing is based on social media.

Showing your products there may mean more people see it and share it. You have to be willing to follow your customers where they like to go, so that you get the maximum number of eyes on a product. The internet is a big place, so shine your light in the areas that matter most.

– Thomas Fultz, Founder, Coffeeble

Consider Influencer Marketing

People want to experience how reliable and esteemed a product is even before they buy it. To establish a trustworthy reputation, influencer marketing should be your go-to. We understand the impact Instagram influencers have on customers, so this is a great method to increase your exposure.

– Benjamin Smith, Founder, Disco Skincare

Integrate Video Content

My #1 marketing tip to increase sales is to incorporate video content on your website and social channels. People crave video content, so rather than hitting them with 500+ words on a webpage explaining your product or service, give them a short and effective video.

Include colorful graphics, actionable dialogue, and high-quality production value. This will make your web pages more digestible, meaning customers will spend much more time on page, which will ultimately lead to more conversions and sales.

– John Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer, Test Prep Insight

Put a Premium on Search Engine Optimization

The best way to give your sales a big break is by upping your game in SEO. to do this, you need to provide keyword-centric content that would directly respond to the needs of the searcher. Keep in mind that search engine users are your target here. You need to impress them with your content and offer them the best content for their needs if you want to top the SEO.

Also, there is a need for you to establish your own PR system. This will encourage other websites in your niche to link back to you and cite information from your content. When you have this sufficient attention from other sites, you’ll be more favorable in the Google system which translates to a higher traffic rate, higher SEO ranking, and higher sales for your website.

– Oliver Baker, Co-Founder, Intelivita

Show Appreciation to Your Clients

One way to boost sales and lifetime value quickly is to shoot a quick thank you video for your online customers. There are so few brands doing this right now that you can really stand out by going the extra mile.

Simply have someone record the owner (or a non-camera-shy employee) thanking the customer for their support and let them know how much it means to you that they placed their trust in your business.

Once you shoot the message, place a link to the video in an automated post purchase email for maximum effect. This will have an impact on your return rate, lifetime value and actually pull in quite a few extra sales if you couple it with an irresistible offer.

– Colin Little, Owner, Social Launch Marketing


Now that we’ve established that innovative marketing strategies are significant determining factors to a company’s success, it’s safe to say that keeping up with the trends and technologies is of utmost importance. The key in all of these is of course to utilize the various online tools that’ll allow you and your organization to connect with your target audience better.

We hope this article provides great value to you. If you have any more tips and/or suggestions to add, please feel free to do so by leaving a comment down below.

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Millard Davis
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