At this point, social media isn’t a mystery anymore, it doesn’t hold secrets, we all know how it works and what gets results, so there’s really no need to micromanage it. Automating it is not only hugely beneficial, it’s necessary, that’s according to the Director of Internet Advisors, Sean Nguyen. He says that by not having a social media marketing campaign, you’re basically hindering your business’ growth. However, that doesn’t mean you should be spending all your time on it.

Nguyen adds that by automating your social media marketing campaign, you’re getting the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy all the traffic, attention, and sales created by your digital project and you’re also freeing up that time and money. It’s a win-win all around and I don’t see why you’d do it any differently, unless you heavily rely on it and it’s your only marketing tool.

To build on this idea, we’ve talked to our friends in the industry about their opinions on social media marketing automation and why it’s important in this day and age. Here are some of their thoughts:

It Helps You Respond to Queries Round the Clock

The virtual world is restless when it comes to transactions being made by countless numbers of customers. According to a study, web activities rose even more when the pandemic started due to the fact that more and more individuals are resorting to online purchases.

This is the main reason why businesses would automate their social media marketing campaign—be it day or night, the flow of activity of your customers and prospects continues in the virtual world. Hence, if you want your business to restlessly grow even if you’re sleeping, better automate your campaigns. This would help your business continuously pursue your targets at all times.

The bottom line is this: automation of your social media campaigns can help you address the queries and other needs of your targets at any time of the day.

– Allan Borch, Founder, Dotcom Dollar

It Saves Time and Effort 

A business should automate their social media marketing campaign because it saves time, allows it to reach a wider audience, and increases the amount of exposure that it receives. The amount of time that is saved can be used to focus on tasks that a business owner needs to focus on.

You’ll also save a ton of time and energy that would otherwise be spent on manual social media management. This allows you to scale your social media efforts and launch more campaigns. Furthermore, you’ll be able to concentrate on your business development instead of spending your time managing social media accounts.

– Richard Latimer, Chief Executive Officer, Veritas Homebuyers

It Promotes Consistency

Most social media channels have become crowded, which is why standing out is more challenging than ever. In such case, businesses need to come up with ingenious ways to connect with their audience.

While planning contests, giveaways, and launches need intricate planning, daily posting and sharing of blogs for consistency isn’t something that requires a lot of human effort. Businesses are better off automating their social posts to ensure consistency and prioritize working on campaigns. Moreover, automation platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer offer analytics along with post scheduling options that help you understand the return of investment (ROI) of social media.

– Yogesh Jain, Founder, Concept Allies

It Makes Your Organization Relevant and Visible with Little Effort

Social media has changed the way businesses market themselves and boost their brand. While this strategy has given most businesses amazing results, it’s not a secret that this strategy takes time and effort. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize these struggles and one of those is through automating your social media.

Having tools that can automatically curate and post your content makes it easier for you to deliver the same heartfelt message albeit through more people in a small amount of time. These automation tools when used smartly and effectively helps you stay relevant and visible.

– Simon Elkjær, Chief Marketing Officer, avXperten

It Frees Up Valuable Manpower for Other Important Tasks

Businesses should automate in order to free up time for personal customer engagement. With programming steering the ship of your social media campaign, you’re free to engage in actual human interaction with your followers.

In an increasingly automated world, personal customer engagement is becoming more and more valuable. Utilizing automation to become more engaging person to person may be ironic, but it works.

– Mike Falahee, Owner, Marygrove Awnings


There’s no doubt that any organization—big or small—can benefit from social media and social media marketing. It’s a stimulating and a vibrant digital platform with billions upon billions of potential customers all waiting to be engaged.

For your business to truly harness the power of social media and all the involved technologies, you might want to consider automating your online campaign. That way, you get more out of it and prioritize other organizational things that truly need basic human intervention.

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Millard Davis
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