Prepare for Hollywood’s golden night.

The 2023 Golden Globe Awards are just around the corner and—if the ceremony from 20 years ago was any indication—it will be a memorable one filled with glitz, glamour and a few head-turning fashion choices.

After all, who can ever forget Lara Flynn Boyle‘s ballerina-inspired look, complete with a pink tulle tutu and matching heels up to her calves with silk ribbons? Designed by David Cardona, the dress was hailed by E! correspondent Joan Rivers as “smart” choice, with the fashion guru telling the Twin Peaks actress at the event, “This is the one that will be going around the world.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston proved that she can make any accessory work by coordinating her cane, which she needed to use at the time after breaking her toe, to her black bejeweled gown. She even took the walking stick up on stage with her when she accepted her first Golden Globe for her performance as Rachel Green on Friends.

“Oh my lord, I never expected this to happen,” she told the crowd. “Thank you. Wow. This is surreal.”


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