Authorities in Houston, Texas, have named a suspect in the violent death of BTB Savage. Additionally, officers are in the process of tracking him down to take him into custody.

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The HPD Is Actively Searching For Montrel Lenard Burley & One Other Suspect

Per a news release, the Houston Police Department (HPD) has charged a 40-year-old man named Montrel Lenard Burley with the rapper’s death. However, he is not currently in custody, and authorities are asking for the public’s assistance in finding his whereabouts.

At least one other unidentified suspect is also wanted, as witnesses say that Burley and a potential accomplice were spotted fleeing the drive-by shooting scene, which went down on March 30.

BTB Savage Was Gunned Down Following A Retaliatory Social Media Post

As The Shade Room previously reported, BTB Savage was killed after appearing to taunt his enemies online. The situation stems from a prior home invasion, as BTB Savage instructed his then-girlfriend to shoot the robber.

Months later, while speaking on the subject during a sit-down on Vlad TV, the 26-year-old rapper unapologetically recounted the experience.

That wasn’t all, though, as he went as far as to take photos while standing in a dried pool of the would-be robber’s blood.

Mere hours after making this upload, the rapper was killed.

In the wake of this tragic news, BTB Savage’s mother — Bernita Ward — shared that she pleaded with her son to delete his upload and allow the robber’s family  to “mourn in peace.”

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However, she pointed out that BTB Savage had faced numerous threats from the deceased man’s loved ones at the time, suggesting that his post was retaliatory. Ward also noted, “Their family member came to rob my son.”

“I said, ‘Take that off of social media.’ I said, ‘Let this family mourn in peace.’ But they were continuing [to taunt] my son. Telling him that they were gonna kill the family, that they were gonna make his momma cry like my son made his mother cry. And I told my son, ‘Don’t respond.’ But their family member came to rob my son.”

There are no further updates on the BTB Savage case at this time.


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