Pune is situated in the heart of the Maharashtra state of India. It was popularly known as Poona until the late 70s post which the city was renamed. Pune is a mutual favorite among youngsters and elders because it provides a balanced life that suits all age groups. 

It is replete with educational opportunities coupled with thriving career prospects. Many older couples also move to the city during their retirement years because it entails a peaceful life with apt urban development. People can live a peaceful life that caters to their needs. 

Top builders in Pune have created magnificent homes for these newcomers and continue to work on other luxury and affordable homes. The surge in Pune real estate is significantly evident, typically during the pandemic and post that. The dip in property prices has encouraged builders to channel their funds into more profitable causes. 

Many people call Pune the “Oxford of the East” or the “Queen of the Deccan”. These titles came to be because of the city’s multifaceted nature and enticing qualities. The weather in Pune is balanced throughout the year and the city is located close to Mumbai and several other tourist destinations such as Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Lavasa, etc. 

It is safe to stay that it facilitates an ideal living environment, thus encouraging the top builders in Pune to create more homes for people. When people move to a city, they desire a home that is close to work but is also situated at a superior location. The following information pertains to the most ideal areas of Pune where one can establish their abode in.       

List Of Places 


Kothrud is situated in the southwest part of the city and is a highly developed area. Its development has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records owing to its rapid growth. It facilitates commercial occurrences and also has a residential area. You will find flats, societies and also bungalows in this area. Its location is the primary source of attraction because it is located in the center of the city. Some of the best hotels are placed in this area. 

Koregaon Park 

Koregaon Park has gained momentum in the past few years and is a highly reputed area now. People take pride in buying homes here because apart from providing a buzzing nightlife, it also provides magnificent homes. 

The properties here are unparalleled with their exceedingly beautiful aesthetics and modern charisma. It is also home to commercial markets and is one of the most desirable areas for people to live in. If you are living in Koregaon Park, you will never run out of new places to explore.      

Viman Nagar 

Unlike the earlier years, Viman Nagar has undergone significant changes and has become an equally attractive location. It is situated next to the Pune airport and has IT parks and the finest mall in the city. 

Their real estate is new and upcoming, therefore allowing people to choose stunning homes. Viman Nagar is quite popular for its peaceful offering and convenience. The Symbiosis Campus is also located in this area.


Baner is an abject IT park that has turned itself around in terms of social offerings, restaurants, pubs, and movie theatres. People would associate Baner primarily with work, but it is now the perfect balance. The properties here are affordable and beautiful. 


These are some of the most renowned areas of Pune.                

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