One of the best feelings results from looking at the photos you shot back at Komodo and giving yourself a pat on the back for deciding to visit the prestigious island.

Although it may appear simple, it is not easy to appreciate the value of the money you paid to visit the Komodo. Because if it were simple, a few tourists would not be regretting they never visited a particular place or sought accommodation somewhere.

If you plan to visit Komodo Island and feel overwhelmed with the massive online recommendations, this article is for you. Here, you are about to find out two tricks to build the best memories.

It considers the head places to visit, seven things to do, and spot an exceptional accommodation. Let’s get started with the places to visit.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Komodo

The top-rated places to visit in Komodo are Kelor island, Komodo National Park, Rangko Cave, Kalong islands, and Namo Beach. What is special about the five places? Here are the reasons.

1. Kelor Island

Kelor Island is one of the best places to build the most immeasurable memories in Komodo island. You can tour the hill to rejuvenate your muscles through exercise.

Going uphill may be hectic if you have not trekked uphill for some time. However, you will be pleased with yourself for maintaining the stamina to view the top of the island.

It has a calm atmosphere which often has tourists celebrating their romantic journeys. The panoramic view of the adjacent Komodo islands makes this island a classic place to take photos.

You can also take a deep dive into the crystal clear Kelor island waters. There you will meet colorful fish of various colors and sizes.

2. The Komodo National Park

Do you love watching scary creatures? Then, Komodo National Park is the ultimate destination for you. Here, you will come across the Komodo dragons with oozing blood-tinged saliva from their mouths. Another breathtaking part is seeing the creatures race down their prey around the park.

3. Rangko Cave

Unlike the scary Komodo dragons, the Rangko Cave is more engaging. You can watch the braver travelers swim in the stalagmite-rooted cave. The salty water aids floating on the water of the cave.

4. Namo Beach

Namo Beach is popularly referred to as the Pink Beach. It is one of the fascinating global wonders due to its pinky waters. More magical view chips in due to infinite coral reefs in the water.

5. Kalong Island

Get to appreciate natural wonders by visiting the inhabited Kalong Island. Here, you will meet the active bats. They hide in the bushes during the day. And fill the atmosphere in the evening as they race after their prey.

Top 7 things to Do on Komodo Island

Now that you know where the fun is, it would be best to realize more activities to build on your Komodo island memories.

1. Cruise

Several beaches and tour guides will enable you to build the cruising experience on the Komodo Islands.

2. Dive/Snorkel/Swim

Places like The Yellow Wall, Manta Alley, Makassar Reef, and Batu Bolong are best for interacting with the intelligent Komodo mantras.

You can also access the crystal-clear island waters and snorkel as you watch manta rays. Finally, you can swim alongside turtles.

3. Hike

Apart from Kelor, other islands such as Padar enable you to joggle your muscles uphill. Then, you can make friends with the locals and other tourists.

4. Celebrate

Komodo Island has world-class hotels and resorts. They enable you to mark significant life milestones such as birthdays, honeymoons, and weddings.

They create a typical relaxation environment through exposure to favorite delicacies, tours, and evening ocean dinner and views.

Final Thought

It would be best to spot a typical resort in Komodo. It will be your gateway to Komodo wonders. The more exciting part is that you will build everlasting memories.

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