Need the perfect business name? The software world has you covered- with a variety of business name generators available. We got business experts’ recommendations for the top 9 business name generators that are free and simple to use while providing an array of options; 

  1. has to be one of the best free online business name generators out there. You can make names out of words, syllables, or even letters using You can then use a variety of elements to generate names, such as popular words or Greek and Latin prefixes. If you plan to use the name for a website, you can also specify how many syllables the names should have and add an extension such

Jeroen van Gils, CEO at EcomContent

  1. Namelix

Namelix’s A.I.-powered technique could be a great option if you’re looking to come up with a unique name for a new business. It allows you to enter keywords, determine the length of a name you want, and then select the type of word you want. You can use a compound word, a completely made-up word, or even a person’s name as an example. If you find one you like, you can register a name and even choose and purchase a logo design to download for a modest price. Namelix even allows you to see how your name and logo will appear on common marketing materials. 

Alejandro Uriarte, Personal Injury Attorney

  1. Shopify’s Name Generator

 There are a few reasons to use Shopify’s name generator, even if you aren’t creating an online store. One is that it provides users with a variety of decent options—far more than most of the free online services I’ve tried. One is that it provides users a lot of good options–more than most of the free services I’ve tried online. Another, and maybe more valuable, is that the options it gives you feel like more than just deciding out how many different ways a computer can string together the keywords you typed.

The last thing I enjoy about Shopify’s free online name generator is that, while I’m sure the company would appreciate it if you signed up for its service, there aren’t any strings attached. Some of the other free providers include a lot of popups and adverts for different services, making it difficult to feel like you can concentrate on choosing a business name. Shopify’s design is straightforward and beautiful. Of course, if you find one you like, Shopify makes registering the name and setting up an online store is really easy.

Sep Niakan, Managing Broker Condoblackbook

  1. NameSmith

NameSmith was created to assist you in finding a suitable domain name for your company. Each name they recommend is automatically searched on the domain market by their system. The results do not include names that are unavailable for registration. If you’re looking for a name for an online-only business, this is a wonderful option. 

If you don’t like what’s offered, you can broaden your search by including less common extensions, which will yield additional results. NameSmith comes up with names in a variety of ways, including changing a term to create a new word. You have no control over how these names are created.

Jason McMahon, Digital Strategist Bambrick

  1. Hover

While Hover is primarily a domain registrar, it features a search function that can be extremely beneficial when it comes to naming your business. It performs an automatic search for phrases that are similar to the domain you enter. Due to the importance of having a domain that matches your business name, many people begin by checking to see if the domain they wish to utilize is available. Additionally, while choosing a business name, it’s a good idea to check to see whether a matching domain name is available. 

Adam Fard, Founder & Head Of Design Adam Fard’ UX Agency

  1. Wix

One of the interesting aspects of the Wix online name generator is that, in addition to entering keywords, you can select an industry. This is extremely beneficial if the keywords you like to utilize are not immediately associated with the type of business you wish to name. Additionally, Wix provides a plethora of excellent options—more than enough to inspire you. Of course, Wix also makes it simple to reserve a domain name for your business and create a website.

  1. Wordlab

Wordlab is a little different in that, rather than requiring you to enter keywords, the name generator generates random combinations from its database of over 7.2 million options. Additionally, Wordlab offers a free forum where you may share ideas and solicit feedback from other members. Additionally, the site includes name generators for businesses such as restaurants, event planning firms, and even craft beer. 

For the majority of business owners, it’s probably worthwhile to take advantage of the fact that all of these tools are free and test out a couple of them. Even if you immediately fall in love with a business name, check to see if it is available as a domain name. Additionally, you can enter your preferences into another service to see if it suggests alternatives you have never considered. The trick is to choose something distinctive that expresses who you are and what you do for customers. Do not be concerned if it takes some time—it is well worth the effort, especially given the fact that all of these services are free. 

Chris Taylor, Marketing Director Profit Guru

  1. WordLab

WordLab is the name generator you’re looking for since it prioritizes creativity and memorability over SEO. To use this generator, all you have to do is press the Get Name button and watch what comes up. There are millions of alternatives to pick from, so you’ll almost certainly discover something interesting. If you use the WordLab generator to create a name, keep in mind that the domain name will not include your company name. 

One of the simplest methods to improve your SEO is to have a relevant domain name, and as a new business with no word-of-mouth marketing to rely on, you’ll want to be attracting visitors through search engines.

Bradley Bonnen, Founder & CEO of iFlooded Restoration

  1.’s Business Name Generator is one of the most excellent free generators I’ve come across. This website offers several great features that help you get more out of your experience with it. One of the best features of this site is the ability to choose both the first letter and the number of words in the business name. This means you can get more control over how your brand sounds when people hear it for the first time.

Another feature of this generator that I appreciate is that it offers you a list of different words that match your previously chosen ones. This function aids in the confirmation of your business name choice.

Lynda Fairly, Co-founder, Marketing; Numlooker

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