The term ‘whistleblowing‘ refers to the practice of reporting wrongdoing in an organization, such as financial misconduct or discrimination. Employees often engage in this type of activity but it can also be reported by third parties like suppliers and customers who encounter similar issues with their organizations. 

Whistleblowing is when workers report misconduct to protect the public. Whistleblowers can be employees, former employees trainees, or agency staff members who are working within a limited liability partnership ( LLP). The acts of whistleblowing must affect other people in some way whether they’re harming them, affecting their lives dramatically for betterment but also morally upright decision making should take place. 

Types Of Whistleblowing

Internal Whistleblowing

Internal whistleblowing is a powerful tool for organizations to have in their arsenal. It allows employees and other stakeholders within the company to speak up if they become aware of misconduct, or else can go through channels with managers who will handle it accordingly.

External Whistleblowing

When a person has witnessed wrongdoing in the workplace, they may choose to blow the whistle and disclose it externally. This can be done through media channels (such as social media), police reports, or by going directly with evidence against their employer’s company policies. Reasons people might do this include lack of faith that an investigation will take place correctly.

In recent years, whistleblowing has been a hot topic. The global financial crisis from 2007-2008 revealed corporate mismanagement in the banking sector and the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal saw them cheating emissions tests with impunity; both of these events cost multinational corporations billions upon their exposure as well as lawsuits filed against them for compensation packages which were provided by victims seeking justice within those companies’ own policies on whistleblowing.

If you have an issue with your company that requires attention, do not hesitate to report it. For example, if a manager is being unfair or the business has bad practices in order for them to change there should be laws protecting whistleblowers who want to fix what’s wrong at their place of work as well as penalize those who are responsible.

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