Jana Kramer‘s blind date with Brody Jenner might’ve been better left unwritten.
The “I Got the Boy” singer recently recalled the experience when chatting with Brody’s former Hills co-star Heidi Montag-Pratt, who appeared as a guest on her iHeartRadio Whine Down podcast.

“I was like, maybe, 24, I mean, a long, long time ago,” Jana said during the April 10 episode. We were at some club on Sunset. It was you and Spencer [Pratt], and someone set me and Brody up on a blind date. So, we’re at this dinner, and it was like the worst. You were so sweet, but it was the worst blind date ever with me and Brody. Like the absolute worst.”

As the One Tree Hill alum noted, the night only became more awkward from there. “The worst thing about it was that probably one of my most embarrassing moments was that night,” she added. “Because we were not vibing at all.”

Jana, 39, went on to explain that she decided to end her date with Brody, 39, and “went marching towards the exit sign.”


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