According to research by Medical Design Technology, about 58 % of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have employed a contract manufacturer for a medical device project. Almost 88 % of OEMs said they had a good experience working with a contract manufacturer. Let’s learn more about medical device manufacturing outsourcing by reading the article.

When deciding whether or not to outsource your medical device manufacturing, it’s critical to first understand the options available and weigh the advantages of each:

Benefits Of Medical Device Manufacturing Outsourcing

Three potential advantages of medical device manufacturing outsourcing are discussed below: knowledge cost savings, and increased efficiency.


Because you lack knowledge in-house, you may choose to outsource. A medical device manufacturing contractor’s experience is an appealing feature in these situations. According to a survey conducted by Medical Design Technology, a lack of medical device experience is a deal-breaker for 73 % of OEMs when selecting a manufacturing contract partner. If you opt to outsource, look for a partner who has experience producing medical equipment similar to the ones you require.

Cost Savings

A potential cost saving is another incentive to consider medical device manufacture outsourcing. Buying new equipment, recruiting more people, and training current employees may be cheaper than outsourcing medical device manufacturing. Outsourcing, on the other hand, isn’t cheap. In fact, according to the Medical Design Technology study, lower-cost manufacturing contractors might be of lower quality.

Increased Efficiency

You and your staff will have more time and energy if you outsource medical device manufacture. Perhaps you have other projects on the go, or your workforce forecasts suggest that your staff won’t be able to handle a new order. When you’re short on resources, outsourcing can help. It also allows your employees to focus on other duties, increasing overall efficiency.

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