Perpetuity refers to an infinitely long timeline. In the business world, this usually refers to security or bond that doesn’t have a maturity date or a recurring stream of revenue that lasts for a long time, such as a royalty payment. The perpetuity concept is commonly used by companies trading in the stock exchange market for both common and preferred stocks to validate and calculate the present value of their cash flow.

We call a corporation a going concern when it receives a sequence of payments that will be made in the future. As a result, the terminal year is a perpetuity, and analysts calculate its value using the perpetuity formula. The perpetuity formula, to be more explicit, determines the number of cash flows in the final year of operation. One of the most important formulas in finance is a perpetuity formula. This tool can be used by financial managers when calculating present values for common and preferred stock, determining how much each share will be worth if dividends continue at their current rate forever into the future.

Perpetuity Formula

Perpetuity with a flat or constant annuity and perpetuity with an increasing annuity are the two alternative annual perpetual valuations. Although the calculations for these two types of perpetuity differ, the essential computation is the division of annual cash flows by variable discount rates. This provides a company with the value of its cash flow, which is crucial information for calculating the company’s overall cash flow in a given year.


Consols, a sort of bond issued by the British government, is a realistic example of perpetuity. This sort of security ensures that holders will receive annual payments in the future. In this example, the present value of an infinite series of cash flows can be calculated using the perpetuity idea. The present value is only a portion of the previous value due to future uncertainty caused by the time value of money.

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