When it comes to working with art-related work, Adobe Illustrator software is a sign to proceed. Ai plays a crucial role to provide you with swift outcomes for your graphical editing works. To attain better outcomes, you should have to master some tips and tricks for AI. Well, if want to perform unlimited Ai to document PDF conversions, use PDF to AI converter that turns PDF into AI within no time and accurately. 

Well, it’s time to explore some rapid-fire tips and tricks on how to work with the Adobe Illustrator program. Let’s find.

Illustrator Brushes:

Yes, illustrator brushes allow you to stylize and even quickly change the appearance of paths that you create. You could easily apply a brush to an existing path or simply consider its Paintbrush Tool. This tool assists you to draw a path and apply the brush stroke at the same time. For all the AI image conversions, check out theonlineconverter.com that designed the best PDF to AI converter for free and innumerable online Ai vector image converters. 

The brush types that you will get in Ai are:

  • Calligraphic Brush
  • Scatter Brush
  • Art Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • Pattern Brush


You have to account with Actions to automate tasks including resizing, saving files in the desired format, and applying effects to an image. And, if you want to save PDF as Ai vector file, then remember that a PDF to AI converter is the best solution to go with. To proceed with Actions:

Simply Go to Windows > Actions to entirely access the Actions Panel that will assist you to save and loading actions files. 

Crystalize Tool:

It is indicated as an amazing tool that lets you add random spiked details to the outline of objects and shapes. All you need to click and hold the Width Tool and choose the Crystalize Tool at the bottom to enjoy this tool. 

Very next, simply consider the tool by clicking and dragging over an object of your choice to create random spikes around the edges. If PDF document to Ai vector conversion is your choice right now, stop worrying more. Simply access free PDF to AI vector converter to convert PDF to Ai file immediately. 

Divide Objects:

Divide Objects Below is a command that acts like a cookie cutter or stencil. This is done by using a smaller object to cut through a larger object. 

Divide Objects Below is referred to as a command that acts like a cookie cutter or stencil. This could be easily done by considering a smaller object to cut through a larger object.

Well, once everything is in position, you simply go to Object > Path > Divide Objects Below to entirely cut and divide the objects successfully. 

Eyedropper Tool:

Eyedropper Tool is the best way to copy or move appearance attributes like color fill and strokes. 

Simply choose this Ai tool from the given toolbar that is on the left or just press I on the keyboard. If you aim to copy only some specific appearance attributes of an object like fill or the stroke – you just have to go over to the Eyedropper Tool and make double-tap on it to bring up the Eyedropper Options. This is the only thing that lets you customize exactly what appearance attributes the tool picks up. 


Whenever you need to create a soft blur at the edge of an object, you have to consider this stylization effect. Remember that blurring the edges of an image is something that de-emphasizes harsh borders. Even also lets an object better blend in with the background. 

To proceed with this, you have to first choose an object, which you wish to feather. Then, make a tap on Effect >Stylise> Feather – here you have to make sure to check the Preview option to see the changes as you adjust the radius value. However, an online PDF to AI converter is a quick way that tells how to convert PDF to AI online. 

Gradient Tool:

Now, you people can easily create and even modify a gradient using this handy tool or the gradient panel. Simply consider this tool to apply a gradient directly onto a piece of artwork and see the outcomes in real-time. 

You can now easily access this Adobe Illustrator Tool from the Toolbar or by simply tapping G from your Keyboard. 

Once that is selected, all you need to navigate to the object on which you want to apply a gradient and click on it. Then, you will see that the gradient annotator appears on top of your object. The gradient annotator is indicated as a slider that lets you edit the starting point, endpoint, and even the color stops. 

Well, if you are a beginner at AI, then it’s best to commence with these above-mentioned Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks. Stick with them right now to sharpen your skills and attain better artwork results. Good Luck!

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