It wasn’t long ago that seeing someone get around on an electric bicycle was a rare occurrence. For many years, they were bulky, expensive, and inconvenient machines. But this has slowly changed as electric bikes have become more attractive, affordable, and powerful while still having sufficient range to make them viable for commuting. 

There are also a number of different categories for buyers to choose from, including cargo bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, cruisers, and beyond. While it’s great to have options, it can make it difficult to identify the ideal one for your needs. This guide aims to solve that problem as we look at the best electric bicycles you can buy today. 

Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ

If you’re interested in something for getting to school or work, the Adventure Neo 3 EQ from Cannondale is a popular choice. You’ll be getting something from a well-established manufacturer, which brings the benefit of a large support network that you can rely on to service and repair your bike when necessary. 

The model in question has all the bells and whistles you’d expect, with a built-in rack, lights, and fenders to keep any dirt off your clothes. It’s powered by a Bosch 250-watt mid-drive motor that’s known for its reliability. A light aluminum frame and seat suspension make the Adventure Neo 3 EQ convenient and comfortable as well. 

For those who don’t fancy the design but want the features, consider the arguably better-looking Turbo Como SL – just be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it. The Electra Townie Path Go is another more affordable alternative. 

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

When utility is the priority, buyers often turn to Rad Power Bikes for their practical and budget-friendly machines. The RadRunner in particular offers an incomparable blend of usefulness and value-for-money. It’s fitted with a powerful 750-watt motor that will easily haul you and your cargo up hills.

In fact, the storage rack can hold up to 120 pounds and is wide enough for large boxes. Grippy tires, a built-in light, and stand finish off the feature list. That said, there are other options when it comes to utility bikes. If you’re not sure what exactly to be looking for, you might want to check out some tips on buying an electric bike before going any further. 

Velosurance has an excellent guide that explains the different types of e-bikes and their features, as well as offering plenty of tips on buying an electric bike. You can also look into their electric bike insurance while you’re there, as you’ll probably want to protect what will inevitably be a pricey investment. 

Propella 7-Speed

With a beautiful matte black frame and contrasting electric blue highlights around the wheels and battery, the Propella 7-Speed looks far more expensive than it is. Not only does it turn heads, but it’s also packing a reliable motor and a build that won’t buckle when you gun it down the sidewalk. 

This is thanks to a number of trustworthy components, including Shimano disc brakes and a Samsung battery. You also get some nifty accessories such as a suspension seat and pedal grips. You can buy the 7-Speed online and have it shipped directly to your door, which is not always the case with electric bicycles. 

LeMond Bikes Prolog

A newcomer to the market, the Prolog made a splash with its unique design and unbelievably light frame. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a traditional bike as all of the electric components are concealed within the frame. The bespoke fenders and striking-but-subtle paint job add to the flair. 

LeMond worked with several well-known manufacturers to make the Prolog, including Shimano, Mahle, and Panaracer. This makes the e-bike not only reliable but also easy to repair if anything happens. Plus, the super-light frame makes it possible to move screamingly fast when you’re running late. 

Batch E-Bike

Often referred to as the Honda Civic of electric bicycles, the Batch E-Bike is popular for several reasons. It’s powered by a top-end Bosch drivetrain and fitted with Shimano components. You’ll also find a Tektro sticker on the hydraulic disc brakes, which means the Batch won’t fail you when you need to make an emergency stop.

It might be boring to look at, but utility and reliability usually come at that cost. In exchange for its pedestrian design, you get a sizable storage rack and an adjustable seat. You’ll have to buy your own light, though, which is less of an issue given the relatively low price of this bike. 

Let’s end off with a few honorable mentions. The Fiido X is a stylish and practical choice, while the Niner RLT e9 RDO is suitable for off-roading. You can also check out the Priority Current and VanMoof S3 if you want an attractive bike. At the end of the day, these are all great options that will serve you well no matter your needs. 

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