Many people are now using magnetic field therapy to cure their body pain and injuries. In recent years, many magnetic machines have emerged in the market. These devices have made it easy for everyone to get magnetic therapy. The pulsed electromagnetic therapy is proven to alleviate muscular and bone pain. Arthritis is a common bone problem, especially in women. Osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis are other related issues. 

The PEMF devices use an electromagnetic field to cure body disorders. All the PEMF devices claim to cure arthritis but are they worth the hype? Keep reading to learn more about arthritis and electromagnetic therapy.

Arthritis Causes and Symptoms

Arthritis is the inflammation and stiffness of joints. It can occur in any of the body joints including knees and fingers. This disorder is common in adults older than thirty years.


Common causes of arthritis are age factors, bone injury or accident, obesity, osteoporosis, muscle disorders, or neurological disease.


Arthritis affects your daily routine and lifestyle. Following are the common symptoms of arthritis.

1.      Difficulty in movement

2.      Decreased body flexibility

3.      Popping sound and pain while bending

4.      Muscle weakness

5.      Pain in one more joint

6.      Fatigue

7.      Fever

8.      Inflammation in the body

Magnetic Therapy for Arthritis

Now that you know the symptoms and causes of arthritis, we can discuss the treatments. The traditional therapies for arthritis include medication, exercise, different diets, weight loss in some cases, surgery, and supplements. These treatments are not always effective. Also, treatments including medication have several side effects. The downsides of the traditional treatments caused people to discover more treatments.

Many surveys show that magnetic therapy heals the bones and joints, reducing pain. There are many magnetic therapies including static and electromagnetic therapy. These therapies have been around for many years but recently, gained popularity because of their remarkable effects. The pulsed electromagnetic therapy is one of the most effective and innovative therapies. The PEMF devices are designed to release magnetic pulses of the desired frequency in your body. These tiny pulses reach deep into your cells to heal your body.

How does magnetic therapy treat arthritis?

When the electromagnetic pulses enter your body, they regenerate and stimulate your cells. Arthritis is a result of bone damage. This therapy quickly starts the healing process of your bone. Furthermore, this therapy reduces swelling which is the major cause of body pain. Many medications reduce pain but do not heal your body. PEMF therapy starts the natural healing process of your body to reduce pain.

Another amazing thing about this therapy is that it has no severe side effects. This therapy increases the oxygen supply of cells and balances out the magnetic field of your body. You can get this treatment at almost any part of your body. In addition to that, electromagnetic therapy is a great way to get your body relaxed and improve your sleep. This therapy will make your body more active, flexible, and improve your athletic skills.

How to get PEMF therapy for arthritis?

There are many devices of various shapes and sizes available in the market. These machines are easy to use. You must adjust the frequency according to the need. The PEMF devices include mats, pads, and pillows. If you want to target a large body area, you can use a mat. You can get your desired PEMF device at the healthyline outlet.


To conclude, yes, magnetic therapy machines can help to cure arthritis and reduce pain. The overall effect of this therapy ensures body healing. Unlike other treatments, this therapy is non-invasive and has no side effects. You can get this treatment yourself using various devices. 

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