The future of technology is going to rely solely on the automation of key processes. Luckily, that is exactly what intelligent process automation does.

This new technology is designed to perform several duties that are most suitable for human hands. As such, intelligent process automation can save your business time and money in the long run. It is quite a complex set of processes, but you will need to start implementing them now to stay ahead in the world of business. So, what does intelligent process automation actually do?

Customer Feedback

You know everything there is about your business except how it is going to be received. Sadly, even the best ideas can go unnoticed, or require some tweaks to get right. The only way to find out this information is by engaging with your customers.

Unfortunately, you don’t always have the time or resources to delve into lengthy customer feedback sessions. That’s where intelligent process automation comes in. These processes can provide chatbots on your site to automatically answer customer queries and divert them to the appropriate department for answers. All you need to do is collect this data to learn how to better your service and increase productivity.


A key concern for many businesses in the digital age is cyber security. It seems that more and more people are becoming adept at hacking into private servers and sharing this information across the web, especially now that kids are taught how to prevent this activity in school.

 Digital security measures have to keep moving forward to combat this rise in cybercrime, and intelligent process automation is just the next step in this evolution. You can set this software to automatically upload your data to the cloud, a server space that constantly updates its security protocols to make it almost impenetrable. What’s more, the automation software can even update your cloud storage security further, making it even less likely that you will encounter a data breach.

Human Resource Management

The human resource department has undergone a lot of changes in the last number of years. They are still the backbone of your company, but now they have even more employee concerns to deal with.

The digital age has made everything more streamlined, but that has come at a cost. There is so much employee data to manage and online communication can make HR tasks seem impersonal. However, the use of intelligent process automation can make all of this data easy to retrieve and update. HR software can hold the details of every employee in the company, making it easy to track attendance, well-being, and project progress. All your HR staff needs to do to carry out certain functions is log in to the database and search for an employee. Your software will automatically update any changes to let you know where everyone is and if they are progressing normally, saving you time on chasing up employees.


One of the hardest parts of running a business is keeping up with technology and implementing it into your everyday tasks. Let’s not mention how difficult it can be to get all of your employees up to date too.

Fortunately, intelligent process software can accomplish all of this for you. The software available from places like Pulpstream will automate certain processes in your business network with little trouble. You can also be provided with advice on new technology and implement the right systems. With this type of technology, you will never fall behind the competition again and be prepared for the future.

Keeps Your Staff Updated

In a similar vein to future-proofing, your business, intelligent process automation also future-proofs your staff. The human brain mostly works according to muscle memory. Your employees will become so familiar with the software systems that it becomes second nature and anything new gets in the way. Therefore, the longer you use a specific software system, the harder it is for your staff to learn something new.

By constantly updating your systems, intelligent process automation keeps your employees on their toes. It teaches them how to adapt quickly and gets them used to using newer technology. This adaptability is crucial in today’s work environment and removes the need for you to keep training your employees.

The Hiring Process

It is important for you and your management staff to have a hands-on approach when it comes to bringing in new staff. Employee interviews and onboarding are crucial parts of the hiring process, but there is also a lot of tedious activities that need to be handled.

Sending out a job advert or arranging interview/start dates is not the best use of your time, which is why intelligent process automation can do this for you. Speed up the hiring process with this software and you will never know how you coped without it.


New technology is always going to be daunting. Luckily, intelligent process software can make it easier to adjust, while also being the most up-to-date software advancement in modern times.

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