Does your company rely on calls to make sales? Do you have to call clients to give them information? If so, then a power dialer is essential for your business. 

Calling leads remains one of the most effective ways to close sales. Cold-calling high-quality leads have an 18% efficiency rate, compared to just 2% for appointments and 1% for face-to-face meetings. Furthermore, about half of all business decision-makers, including C-suite executives, directors, and managers, prefer to be contacted by phone. 

Using a power dialer makes calling leads and contacting clients easy. Keep reading to learn how these tools work and the five biggest benefits your company can enjoy from using power dialers in your sales process.

What Are Power Dialers?

A power dialer is a type of software that helps you perform phone calls and other call center tasks online through VOIP. The power dialer software handles tasks like dialing phone numbers, waiting for people to pick up the phone, and alerting the caller when someone is on the line. 

Power dialers are a critical tool for sales teams that rely on phone communication. The software allows the agent to handle other responsibilities instead of repetitive tasks like punching in a number or leaving voicemails. 

Power dialers are not the same as predictive dialers. A power dialer calls the entire list sequentially and it’s always supported by a live agent. Meanwhile, a predictive dialer will call prospects even before there’s a representative available to take the call. This means that prospects might get frustrated when they answer the call and there is no agent to talk to them when they pick up.

How do power dialers work in practice? It’s simple. The agent gives the power dialer a list of phone numbers to call. The software will dial each number, one after another, waiting to reach a voicemail or a person. If the dialer reaches a voicemail, it will alert the agent to leave a voicemail. On the other hand, if it gets the person, it will connect the agent to the call recipient to begin the conversation. The agent can accomplish other tasks while the dialer is performing its automated tasks. 

A good power dialer does more than just save time. Here are call automations that a good power dialer can provide for your business.

Why Use a Power Dialer?

1. Local presence

Power dialers are the best way to connect with qualified leads. However, spam callers have made it hard for legitimate callers to get in touch with their targets. Many people are hesitant to pick up the phone for unknown phone numbers, especially if the number isn’t local.

Power dialers can solve that for you. The right power dialer will let you present your business behind local caller IDs. When your power dialer calls potential leads, they’ll see a familiar area code, and they’re more likely to pick up. This local presence can help your business feel more personal, too. You can provide a local touch even if your team is remote.

2. Click-to-call and call automation

The process of making calls is time-consuming. However, power dialers can save you time with call automation features. For example, great dialers will offer click-to-call features, letting you call any number in your browser window with a single click. This is a great way to reach out to potential leads and shorten your team’s response time to client inquiries.

Another tool for improving your sales rates is called automation. Once you’ve received a qualified lead from your lead generators, the number can be fed directly into the dialer. As a result, you can call potential clients the minute they leave their number, catching them while they’re still primed to buy. 

3. Follow the sun

No one likes getting a phone call late at night or early in the morning. There’s even legislation in place that makes calling before 8 am or after 9 pm illegal in certain areas. This can make calling clients tricky, especially if you’re not aware of their time zone. 

Power dialers solve that problem for you. It can sort through phone numbers and identify their location and determine their time zone. It can then sort the numbers and ensure that it calls each one at a reasonable time for the recipient. This lets you automatically “follow the sun” and call leads when they’re awake and ready to talk. 

4. Manage voicemails and wrong numbers

Part of the time-consuming nature of making calls is waiting for the phone to ring through, only to discover that the number was bad or there’s no voicemail box. A power dialer can save your agents time by reducing the tedious task of waiting. 

For instance, if the power dialer rings a number that’s been disconnected, it can automatically discard the number from your database. Meanwhile, if it reaches a voicemail, it can alert the agent to automatically drop a pre-recorded message. All the agent needs to do is press a button, and the dialer software takes care of the rest. 

5. Agent coaching

Sales teams have demanding jobs. When they get in touch with a live person, they need to keep them on the line to make the sale. This can be difficult, especially for newer team members. A power dialer can let you help your staff on these calls with agent coaching. By choosing the right tools, you can listen in and give your agents guidance that only they can hear. This is a great way to make more sales and develop your sales team’s skills over time. 

Choosing the Right Power Dialer

Not every power dialer has all the features you need. If you’re looking for a provider that offers automated calling, local presence, and extra features like workflow automation, Aloware has you covered. Aloware’s power dialer can help you make the most of all of these benefits and more, including unlimited calls and texts. If you’re ready to add a power dialer to your company’s resources, schedule your demo to explore how Aloware can make your business better.

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