Creating a successful website is harder than ever these days, simply because there are already so many to compete with! So the success comes from standing out from the crowd and making your website unique and incredibly valuable to your users. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your website isn’t getting any traffic.

A Unique Look

One of the main reasons websites don’t get traffic is due to bad aesthetic decisions. A good looking website is a key to bringing in traffic, so if you’re running a page that looks old and out of date, then don’t expect it to get any more traffic soon!

Why not use an online banner maker for free, and give your website a professional and polished look? With a banner in place, you can go on to replicate the style across your site, choosing a string color scheme and straightforward yet attractive symbols and buttons can make any website look far better than before. If your website looks good, people are far more likely to stay.

Keep It Simple

If you’re running your own website and you’re not already a web designer, then the best idea is to keep your site very simple. At the end of the day, anyone trying to use your website will be doing so for a specific reason. Whether it’s to buy your products or read about your next event.

Make the main purpose of your website very clear and easy to access. Some of the most successful websites in the world are deceptively simple, so keep the design minimal and reduce any confusion.

 Don’t Get Boxed In

In the modern world, a website should not be your only form of online presence. Most people only visit websites for a very specific purpose, or because they’re following a link from social media. If your website is the only way through which you’re communicating with your potential visitors, then you’re backing yourself into a corner.

 Use the design work you’ve done on your website and set up a thematically consistent account on Instagram at least. This way you can show off everything that you do to the world, and you’ll use the account to loop back to your own website.

Have Something To Offer

A reason your website may not be experiencing much traffic is because there may not be enough there to bother a user with. If your website is merely quite dry information about your business, then why do you expect people to go there?

Make sure there’s a news page, blog, photo album, or even a competition or giveaway on your website! That way people will have a real reason to go through and provide your business with some much needed online traffic.

Your website is undoubtedly important, so give it the time and attention it deserves. Make sure there is an audience who has a reason to visit your website, and then make it an attractive and easy place to spend time when they do!

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Millard Davis
Millard Davis
Along with leading the team, Millard also works alongside different Fortune500 companies as their management Consultant/Financial Analyst, which shows his passion in helping other businesses grow.


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