Every now and then, you may have decided to splurge on a fancy hotel room during your travels. There is nothing quite like the experience of sleeping soundly due to window coverings, sinking into a plush bed, and dimming the lights to your desired brightness. 

But now that travel is somewhat limited, many people are doing what they can to enhance their living spaces – and to recreate the luxury feel of a hotel room from the comfort of their own homes. 

We’ve consulted some of the people in the industry for tips on getting this done:

Wallpaper and Plush Accessories

Wallpaper is a great way to transform any space, especially a bedroom. Depending on the desired vibe, incorporating a modern peel & stick wallpaper is a quick way to feel like you’ve entered a tropical locale or an ultra-luxe resort. When we think of luxury hotels, we often think of the room’s plush look and feel. Adding pieces with soft, luxurious touch will also help to achieve this look. Try to incorporate a shag, or high pile rug, velvet sitting chair, or even cozy new bathrobes for lounging.

Georgina Borneman-Street, CEO & Principal Designer at Cobalt Blue 1802


If you’re looking to make your bedroom into a luxury oasis that can go head-to-head with a 5-star hotel, a relaxing ambiance is everything! The best and easiest way to achieve this is through lighting. You may notice that hotels have a different variety of lights to fit every mood. There are lights for getting ready in the morning, for writing at the desk, for reading, and of course, there’s the classic warm-hued light that’s perfect for relaxing. Consider all the functions of your bedroom and choose lighting solutions that fit these functions, like lights that can be dimmed for the sleeping area, or a nice table lamp for your desk area.

Charles McMillan, Founder of Stand with Main Street

Signature Scent

Top luxury hotels use scent to create a memorable ambiance in the lobby and rooms. The Westin uses white tea and fig as its signature scent for a light and refreshing feel. Another well-known hotel brand uses a delicate blend of roses and tobacco to give a sense of hominess. Make your bedroom feel like a hotel room by using scents like white tea, vanilla, cedar, green tea, sweet grass, and citrus.

If you have a favorite hotel chain, you can use its signature scent. This will evoke feelings and memories that you have from staying in their hotel rooms.

Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer for Trendey

Window Treatment

Choose a window treatment color that reflects the mood you want to set. A few to consider: warm neutrals and creams are soft and inviting, muted pastels instill a fresh ethereal vibe, and saturated jewel tones can signal passion. A beautifully finished window gives a room significance. Give your bedroom the priority it deserves with a layered treatment-think shades, drapes and a sleek valance or a dramatic swag. Select a variety of textures and opacities in complementary hues and patterns to add depth and interest. 

With the right window treatment, couples can adjust light and privacy to suit the moment at hand. Sun up/sun down and Perfect Vue options on Graber cellular shades allow you to choose a more sheer fabric at the top to let in the filtered morning light (perfect for a gentle wake-up and breakfast in bed) and more opaque at the bottom for privacy. The shades can be expanded from the top down for a full window of diffused light, from the bottom up for greater privacy, or set halfway for the best of both. Motorized window treatments make it possible to raise and lower shades or tilt blinds open and closed.

Shannon Schomaker, Product Manager at Springs Window Fashions

Refresh and Upgrade Your Bedding

The first thing I would recommend would be to refresh and upgrade your bedding. Purchase some luxurious sheets and a dreamy comforter! White seems to be a popular color among hotels, but for your comforter, I would steer away from a solid white to keep the stress of a white comforter at bay. An alternative to solid white could be a comforter with a white background and a soft gray pattern; you can also pair a white insert with a patterned comforter cover. 

Be sure to choose a comforter filled with down or down alternatives to help retain the hotel room feel. Don’t forget coordinating pillow shams and throw pillows – a bolster pillow adds a nice touch with a few other pillows. A white bed skirt can help complete your look.

Susan Peters, Interior Designer and Owner of 9108 Designs

Artwork on an Accent Wall

The best and easiest way to turn your bedroom into the luxurious hotel room of your dreams is to personalize it with artwork on an accent wall. This visually streamlines your focus to what you like best about your bedroom based on what appeals to you the most. With this effort, it will further help to declutter to just some accessories like elegant bedding, a few pillows, a sitting or reading spot, accent lighting, and a favorite-scented candle. These are all items that you might normally find in an upscale hotel room that will help “take you away” to a relaxing mood that is most welcomed when traveling.

Ashley Spencer, Principal & Lead Artist at Casart Coverings


With these tips, you don’t need to wait until you can travel again to enjoy a luxurious bedroom. Investing in your living space means getting to wake up everyday feeling pampered and satisfied. The luxurious hotel room of your dreams can be yours, any day of the week.

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Millard Davis
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