There are several tools and methods you can use to increase handwriting speed. Watching your child as he or she learns to write will help you know how to best help. Developing new handwriting skills takes time, and it does not happen overnight.

Here are some simple tips to increase your child’s writing ability. These include:

• When they are ready to write out a letter, always make sure they write correctly. This means that when they first get started, try to write backward and forward. They should learn to write from left to right and then right to the right.

• Words should be written in groups of three instead of two. Once they learn the concept of putting words together, then move on to putting words in groups of five. Once they have been taught this method, they should move on to a group of seven and ten.

• Do not force them to stop and start their handwriting exercise. This may confuse them and make them feel as if you want to read what they write. As they get used to it, they will begin to pick up on the sound of their writing and will pick it up as well.

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• Be patient with your child’s handwriting exercise. Your child needs to see results before you rush into anything. Begin with the letter’s length, how many times they wrote each letter, how often they put spaces between the letters and any other problems they had.

• Keep in mind that your child can’t learn how to write in the same way adults do. Therefore, you need to be supportive and never yell at your child when they make mistakes or finish an assignment.

• Give your child plenty of practice with your fingers. Practice writing down what they have written in your page’s margins, and then you can start them on the next line.

• Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your child. They will learn faster when you help them with the writing part.

• When you see your child’s handwriting, remember to use the proper color of paper. If you are using bright colors, then your child will be distracted. If you are using darker colors, they will be less distracted, making the whole process easier.

• Don’t forget to write your child’s handwriting down. The child will see what you are doing, and it will encourage them to continue.

When you start to notice your child’s handwriting improving, don’t forget to reward your child. When they are doing well, tell them so and then reward them with value or a new toy.

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