Amtrak recently landed on people’s “naughty list” over a situation that resulted in two Chicago-bound passengers getting ditched in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The Entire Situation Was Over A Pomeranian Having A Bowel Movement

News of the incident came through TikTok after a user going by @bellskunk uploaded a series of troubling videos.

In the first TikTok, a pair of officers is seen speaking to two Black passengers, and the videographer says that the women are “being mistreated.”

After the officers tell the women that Amtrak has a right to kick them off for any reason, the man recording the interaction says the matter arose “because their little doggie had to take a poo poo,” which was cleaned up. He also says that the ordeal is related to racism as he continues to advocate for them.


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A follow-up video shows officers continuing to interact with the women before escorting them off of the train with their belongings.


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In a third upload, the videographer accused the conductor of “professional mis-conduct.”


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Amtrak Employee Seemingly Stands By Decision To Boot The Women: ‘Sounds About Right’

Finally, in a “part 4” upload, the user confronts two Amtrak employees after the ride came to a stop. The first man says he has “no comment” on the situation, while another employee suggested that the women deserved to get kicked off, as they allegedly didn’t follow protocol.


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Social Media Calls Amtrak Out, & The Company Responds By Hiding Replies

Further criticism came by way of Twitter, as people were committed to spreading the word and holding Amtrak responsible.

Beneath a tweet Amtrak made the day after Christmas, users flooded the company with upset responses about the video in question. However, many of these replies were hidden, which only prompted further criticism.

Additionally, Amtrak caught some heat in the comments beneath some recent Instagram uploads. However, Amtrak has not acknowledged the ordeal in any pubic media statements.

What do you think about the matter?


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