Tiffany “New York” Pollard is celebrating her 41st birthday today, so it’s only natural that we show the HBIC some love!

In honor of Tiffany “New York” Pollard, here are 7 standout moments from over the years that exemplify exactly why she is so beloved.

Becoming A Meme Queen After Stealing The Show On Flavor Of Love

Of course, we have to start off with Tiffany making her reality TV debut on Flavor of Love, where she was given her “New York” nickname.

An instant star, Tiffany’s time on the show was a reality TV game-changer, and she provided memes galore.

Giving Pumkin The Blues

Pumkin was a major adversary during Tiffany’s time on the series, and the pair butted heads all throughout the first season.

Eventually, as Pumkin was being eliminated, she straight-up spat at Tiffany, which set her OFF. However, New York tried to get her lick back at the reunion.

Being A Hell-Raiser On Flavor Of Love 2

Tiffany returned for the second season of Flavor of Love (aka Flavor of Love 2), though she entered midway through the series. Immediately upon entering the household, she let the others know that she’s the HBIC and swiftly began calling the shots.

Flava Flav also had to face New York’s wrath during her elimination, though the moment gave the internet a poppin’ reaction video.

Handling All Her Haters At The Reunion

Once season 2 wrapped, New York had plenty of enemies, though she was sure to still show out at the reunion and be “FABULOUSSSS.”

To say that New York was unfazed would be an understatement, and she held strong against a room full of women who absolutely despised her. Now THAT’S how a queen does it!

Ruthlessly Going IN On Gemma During Celebrity Big Brother

During her time on season 17 of Celebrity Big Brother, Tiffany wound up getting into a bit of a spat with housemate Gemma Collins, and her stinging delivery really packed a punch!

Tiffany reading Gemma down is definitely a top-tier reality TV fight, and she provided a plethora of golden quotes for fans utilize.

Being An Outspoken LGBTQ+ Ally

Tiffany’s time on CBB also brought out a moment that many of her LGBTQ fans love dearly: standing up against homophobic views held by housemate Winston McKenzie.

Her appearing as a guest judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and playing the role of a supportive auntie on DTLA are also worth acknowledging.

Killin’ It In The Studio

While many may be used to seeing Tiffany Pollard on the television screen, they can also hear her dropping some wisdom in a few different tracks!

She was recently featured on Flo Milli’s You Still Here, Ho? album, and she also graced a few tracks on Goon Platoon, Vol. 1 by TeJohn Anex and Sav Did It.

Shoutout to Tiffany “New York” Pollard, and we wish her many more birthday celebrations!


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