Write For Us: Guest Post Opportunities for Technology Blog

Do you wish to be a guest blogger?

Here at KRDO TV, we encourage fresh and expert voices to submit their high-value and original content. We trust that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other readers will benefit from unique insight.  

If you believe you have a relevant topic to contribute, please go through the following guidelines and requirements before you submit your guest article.

Our audience

We publish helpful information for entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, business leaders, and anyone trying to stay updated with the business world. 

We aim to provide our audience with the information that will inspire them, educate them, and bring them to the next level. We only publish articles relevant to our target audience. 

How to get your content published

We are always on the lookout for passionate writers. We welcome several writing styles, for as long as your piece is unique, focused, and valuable to our readers.

You can cover the following areas:

Social media platforms Marketing insights
Finance/accountingHuman resources
Small business technologyCustomer services
SolopreneursWomen leaders
Business operationsWork/life balance
Global business insights and trends 

Here are some sample topics that have been published:

  1. Startups Weekly: The World is Eating Tech
  2. How to Create Value in A Small Business
  3. Safety Measures for Today’s Businesses
  4. Tips on Buying Cheap Furniture
  5. Courting Co-Owners To Buy A House Online May Be Riskier Than It Looks

Guidelines for submissions

Our website only publishes original content. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Once you submit your article, we attain publication rights along with the rights of modifying or fixing content if there are any errors. Our guest writers benefit from maximized global exposure and readership. 

Your submissions should… 

  • Be between 500–1000 words
  • Be unique 
  • Be creative and relevant
  • Make use of proper grammar and spelling
  • Utilize credible links, references, quotations, and sources

Other important things to note

  1. Every submission should have an author bio and images. Submissions will be rejected if the bio or the headshot is missing. 
  2. We do not accept any promotional or embedded links in guest post content.  
  3. We will notify you when we decide to publish your guest post. Please wait 5–6 weeks for your articles to be published on our website. 
  4. We reserve the right to disapprove of your written content for any reason. 
  5. If your article is not relevant to our website purpose, we will not publish it. 
  6. Your content should not demean or offend any person, country, or organization. 

Thank you for showing interest and respecting the process. By following our guidelines, we ensure that your submission will be reviewed appropriately and published. We look forward to working with writers like you!

To get featured on our website, submit us your guest posts at [email].