What analytics and reporting tools do you have in place to meet the changing requirements? Do they enable everyone in your organization to work with data, conduct complex analyses, and provide business-critical insights to you?

Your analytics investment won’t maximize its return if data latency prevents you from getting timely insights for decision-making. By using the correct analytics database, you can unlock several benefits by using BI acceleration

In addition to SAP’s classification and search engine TREX and predefined hardware provided by SAP hardware partners, this acceleration is a recently developed approach to enhance SAP NetWeaver’s BI performance.

With this tool, you can augment the performance of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) in an Enterprise Data Warehouse IT environment.

A TREX gathering engine that deals with organized business data boosts performance. In the BI Accelerator, the features from the BI InfoCubes are retrieved and stored in its TREX storage subsystem as reserve indexes.

OLAP queries are answered thoroughly in memory using the Business Intelligence Accelerator indexes stored in memory. Business Intelligence Acceleration speeds up questions, and this is especially true for vast volumes of data.

Through vertical and horizontal data partitioning, SAP NetWeaver business intelligence customers can substantially improve query performance. The compression of data in memory requires virtually no administrative effort.

Since the Business Intelligence Accelerator box comes pre-loaded and pre-installed as a business intelligence accelerator system, the customer gains access to it immediately. For introductory usage of the BI Accelerator, the hardware partner has already completed the initial configuration and installation. The customer does not need to take any additional steps at this point.

When SAP BI Accelerator is at work, there are some benefits. This show the need for BI everywhere:

  • The data is compiled from the system of sources and put into an SAP Info Cube.
  • This InfoCube is put up as an index, and it is loaded into the appliance of the BI accelerator.
  • In BI accelerators, indexes are loaded into memory, from where queries are processed. Aggregations and joins are done at the time of compilation in memory. When the question is run for the first time, indexes are automatically stacked onto the memory. Alternatively, it can be configured to pre-install upon loading of new information.
  • Query requests are sent to the analytic engine at compilation time. From there, they are routed to the business intelligence accelerator.
  • The Query results are also returned to the application by the end-user

Pros Of BI Accelerator:

  • Answers are provided quickly after the queries are submitted.
  • BI accelerators are used rather than InfoCubes to operate total change runs associated with master data. As a result, the application loads more quickly.
  • By leveraging BI Accelerator, it is possible to do away with the need to manage an OLAP cache.
  • In addition, it requires much less maintenance.
  • Business intelligence Accelerator eliminates the need to produce relational aggregates.
  • Using BI Accelerator may be possible to eliminate the need for logical partitions in Business Intelligence.
  • The BI Accelerator requires minor tuning and planning on the part of database administrators. By adding blades to the system as demand grows, the system multiplies.

BI Is The Future! 

Users can perform complex multidimensional analytics on trillions of data rows on AWS with unmatched performance and unlimited scalaBIlity with BI acceleration. It enables users to create reports summarizing several years’ worth of enterprise data or drill down to the granular detail within seconds. As a result of the fast response times, users get instant answers to all their business questions by querying, filtering, slicing, and dicing massive datasets and visually exploring them through AWS.

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