Businesses have long complained about government regulation. They claim that this is irrational and an impediment to their profits, economic efficiency or job creation efforts but what do corporations actually mean when they say these things? Unsurprisingly many firms use loopholes in order to deal with rules as well as move operations abroad if those aren’t enough – all while violating antitrust laws too.

Consulting Services

Government offices are a great resource for starting your small business. Many offer free consulting and money-saving programs that can be found in every city, province or state across Canada as well as the U.S. Every city, province or state has a business office. Staff there can refer you to local incubators and networking events where they will help for free consulting services with complex regulations – don’t hesitate!

Legal Advice

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the U.S Patent & Trademark Office are there to help you with any intellectual property needs, whether it be advice on export regulations or tax incentive programs. Intermediaries are costly, but government officials can help you navigate the waters of business.

Facilitate Customers

Finding accurate and up-to-date information about the market is difficult, but it’s important to be informed. The Government agencies provide an easy way for researchers like yourself to look into new geographic markets or household spending patterns with specific products/services available in those areas to start their research now free of charge.

Find The Market

Government procurement is an important part of any government’s budget. Government agencies purchase billions worth of goods and services every year, everything from construction materials to office supplies- so if your small business has what it takes then there could be huge opportunities out there waiting for you.

Build Your Profile

When dealing with the government, it is important to be realistic and understand that they will not do anything for free. Government officials can help your business by giving you an audience or lending credibility when speaking about issues in front of other groups. But businesses should also realize that public recognition isn’t always possible no matter how much input was given into decisions affecting them positively impacts others as well.

When it comes to dealing with the government, be realistic. Government officials have a lot riding on their turf and if you come asking for something they don’t want or need then all likelihood is going away from being helpful in any way whatsoever – even though we love helping small businesses just like yours succeed.

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Linda Bradley
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