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FEAR is back. Probably time to Buy again, soon.

1/2/2023 Markets were slightly lower for the week on low Holiday trading. But for the 2022 year, the S&P 500 fell 19.4%, the Nasdaq Composite was down 33 % and the DOW 30 dropped 9%. T-Bonds lost 31% from aggressive FED Tightening. So many newer investors are in shock that their 401Ks and IRAs could go down in value in both Stocks & Bonds.

The Green Line Swing Trading System also struggled compared to 2021, but the average completed logged trade was 2.18% per trade (41 wins & 49 losses). While 2.18% does not sound like much per trade. if you invested 10% of your account in each trade (ex. $10,000 of $100,000), each trade would have averaged $218 (before taxes & commissions). 90 trades X $218 = $19,602, which is still a nice increase from a $100k investment.

The major Indices are now retesting the Oct. lows, and the Markets need to make a higher low than in October to become more “bullish”. There was some major Tax Loss selling at the end of the year, but that is over now.

For the Markets to go higher, the FED needs to stop tightening and talk about the end of tightening. 

If you continue to Follow the Green Line System, your Money should flow into the Strongest areas and your account value should be able to grow in both Bull and Bear Markets. Follow the MONEY, not the MEDIA.


For the week the Dow was down 0.18%, the S&P 500 was down 0.13% and the NASDAQ 100 was down 0.40%. Most of the major Indices do not have Relative Strength above 80, so you should currently own the stronger Securities here

The Inflation Index (CRB) was down 0.13% for the week and is Above the Green Line, indicating Economic Expansion.

Bonds were down 2.55 % for the week, and are Below the Green Line, indicating Economic Expansion.

The US DOLLAR was down 0.71% for the week and is Below the Green Line. 

Crude Oil was up 0.88% for the week at $80.26 and GOLD was up 1.22% at $1826.20.


More action this week on the Day Trading Scrolling Charts.  


We have not had many intra-day Trade Alert signals lately as the Volume has been too Low with the Buy Signals. These low Volume Buy Signals tend to pop up and quickly fade back down. We like to see High Volume on rallies.



We are in now in 9 logged Current Positions for the Short & Medium Term. There are 5 investments on the Short Term Watch List. 

Be patient and WAIT for Green Zone Buy Signals!

LONG TERM INVESTMENTS:  (It is still hard to find many Long Term now because most normal  Investments no longer have 80 Relative Strength required.)

Long Term Scrolling Charts (Real Time)        

COP      CONOCO PHILLIPS      Money Wave Buy Signal this week, but low Volume. AVOID.

CROX      CROX INC.         Not quite down to a Daily Money Wave Buy Signal.  Please wait.     

HRB      H&R BLOCK INC.      Wait for Weekly Money Wave Close > 20 with High Volume.

SH      INVERSE S&P 500 FUND         Buy above $17.71 with High Volume with a 3% Trailing Sell Stop Loss below it.

UUP      US DOLLAR FUND        Buy above $28.12 with High Volume with a 3% Trailing Sell Stop Loss below it.

VIPS        VIPSHOP HOLDINGS      Buy on the next Daily Money Wave Buy Signal. 


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Updated Top 100 List Jan 2, 2023
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Alert! Market Risk is Medium (YELLOW). The probability of successful Short Term Trades is better, when the % of stocks above the 50-day avg. is below 20. 

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