Now you have started a charity, what comes next? The act of just creating a non-profit charity venture is a small step in a larger chain of necessary events. In order to find support for your cause, you have to first raise awareness for it. To do this, you have to get the general public on board and invested. Public donations are one of the biggest lines of income for any charity, so this post explores five ways to get people talking about your charity and creating channels of support. 

Get a Memorable Image for Your Brand

Your charity needs a ‘face’ for people to see and recognize, so how do you go about creating the perfect logo and fundraising graphic? You can start by looking for inspiration online, of which there is plenty! Find a fundraising graphic idea and implementation guide on the linked blog from GiveButter. GiveButter is a supportive platform for anyone who works in the charity sector. They have a fantastic range of resources and advice on how to boost the credibility and recognition of your project, and how to gain traction far and wide. So if you are looking to narrow down your starting point, this is a good place to find motivation. 

The benefits of having a memorable image include:

  • How a brand looks has a major influence on its success. 
  • A consistent logo means people will recognize you regardless of where you appear. 
  • You have something to advertise on a global scale. 
  • An appropriate brand image can convey your message without words. 
  • A good logo can portray your message and spark interest to entice people further into your cause. 

Fundraising Events

Learning how to network is one of the best things you will ever do for your company. Fundraising events are a major component of networking. These are large or small-scale events that bring people together to inform, raise awareness, and secure donations. So what can a fundraiser do for you?

  • They can build your reach to a wider range of prestigious charities and people but also give you a secure footing in the world of benevolent work. 
  • They provide a charity with a platform to speak about their message and mission to a wide group of potential patrons and even bring in new supporters if you reach just one person and make a new connection.
  • By putting your logo out there on a large stage, you are also able to gain credibility and get people used to associate your name and purpose with your image, which carries into the future mindset. 

Get in Touch with Local Journalists

Local newspapers always welcome benevolent-based stories for their journalism engagements. A charity story is appealing because it tends to have a higher level of engagement and evoke more empathy with readers, which will in turn encourage them to read more and associate the paper more prestigiously. 

You can get in touch with the press fairly easily and there is a high chance that they will take you up on your inquiry. If you are able, draft a press release that highlights what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you hope to achieve through the creation of your venture. A clear message and agenda are two essential aspects of any successful charity. 

Use Social Media

Social media can be a new (or established) charity’s best friend when it comes to new support and spreading your message. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used on a global scale by trillions of people on a daily basis. With this kind of platform and potential exposure waiting in the wings, there is no reason to even hesitate. Setting up a page or a profile is easy and can be done in a few simple steps and you can even create a direct fundraising link for people to click through and donate to your cause. 

You can use social sites to engage with people by posting content and having a dedicated social media employee to respond and answer questions about your work. This makes the charity seem more personable and creates a more intimate connection with the masses. You can also host live events to talk about what you do and any exciting events you may be hosting. These events can be easily shared and promoted beforehand to make more people aware of upcoming things. 


The success of your charity’s reach will depend on how you engage with the public. They are, after all, your main source of support. That means you need to be clever and succinct in the way that you market your brand. People respond better to credible ventures and ones that are active on a regular basis. You can showcase your mission through appropriate brand imaging, good social media links, and creating social functions too. 

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