For more than two months, The Daily Memphian has published hundreds of stories about the coronavirus and how our region has grappled with the pandemic.

Our reporters, editors, digital producers and visual journalists have worked tirelessly to bring you the latest news. We were the first local news site to launch a live blog and update it continuously seven days a week. We were the first – and only – local news site to bring you a Kindness blog that captured all the good news happening in our community as we found ways to help and be nice to our neighbors. When our elected and local health officials held press conferences, we streamed them live, sometimes up to three of them a day.

<strong>Ronnie Ramos</strong>
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And we made those blogs and hundreds of stories and photos and videos free to everyone as a public service. It was important for everyone in our community to have access to this important content during these unprecedented times.

As we move forward, any breaking news story about the coronavirus – such as how many people have tested positive the previous day – will continue to be free for everyone.

Such content serves an important public service. As does our live coverage of the protests in Downtown Memphis. That content also will be free for everyone to access.

The remaining coverage will become part of our content available to our subscribers. If you are not a subscriber, you will have access to three free articles a month. Our content is not free to produce. And a major part of our mission is to provide excellent content as a public service to our community. That is why we are a locally run non-profit news site. 

We hope you will support us by becoming a subscriber and joining our team. If you are a subscriber, thank you for helping us bring important news to our community.

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Millard Davis
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